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    Which reference electrode to select for electrochemical measurements? The one with Vy

    Hi. Is there any significant difference in quality and accuracy between reference electrode with Vycor frit (porous glass attached with heat-shrink tube) and the one equipped with ceramic frit (molten in the glass tube) like in this example...
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    Calorimetry Method Help

    So, I have a project in which I'm comparing the efficiency of various reusable gel heat-packs. I'm supposed to use calorimetry to conduct the experiment but I'm not really sure how. My problem is that I don't think it will work to just place the calorimeter over the heat-pack because they don't...
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    Chemistry, Standard deviation questions, HELP!!!

    In the standard deviation, the decimal place of the first non-zero digit indicates where the precision of the average ends (decimal place where the individual results deviate from each other). All your mass readings have 5-6 significant figures, so one might expect a standard deviation of...