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    Inhaled melted/burning plastic?

    I was heating oil (a lot of oil) to make a fried dish, and left it on the stove too long, so the oil caught fire. I couldnt put it out with rags so used the fire extinguisher. But by then the kitchens and apartment was so smokey (black smoke) you coudlnt breathe or even see. THe heat melted and...
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    melting points of compounds

    Rank from highest to lowest melting points: KBr, SiO2, NaCl, CH3CH2CH3, CH3CH2OH
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    pls help !! my brain is melting

    20 ml of 0.05M Mg2+ in solution is desired. it is attempted to achieve this by adding 5ml of 0.005 M Mgcl2 and 15 ml of Mg3(PO4)2. what is the concentration of Mg3(PO4)2? my attempt mole of Mg2+ : 20/1000 * .05M =.001 Mole of Mgcl2 : .005*5/1000= .0000025 mol of Mg3(PO4)2 = .01-.000025=0.00999...
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    Melting point

    Hello. I'm Bill. I am searching for a material (or element or combination) that initially has a low melting point (like 600 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit), but afterward is resistant to high temps, like 1500 degrees Fahrenheit +. Any Ideas?
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    Melting point question (I think?)

    I'm not even sure what this problem is asking me to do. If anyone could suggest a formula I could use, I would greatly appreciate it! I would like to work it out myself if possible! Thanks!
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    What is the basic difference in Melting point and Boiling point ?

    I've tried searching it on the internet, but they said things, which I coudn't understand. Please tell me in layman language. Help!
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    Rate of Melting and Rate of Refreezing for Water/Ice

    I'm looking for a formula that can help with my simulation of permafrost. For example, when local temperature is below 0 degrees celsius, permafrost will start melting, and when temperature is above 0 degrees celsius, permafrost will expand. I am assuming permafrost has similar properties to...
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    intermolecular forces and melting point relationships?

    This is the question: Arrange the following in order from highest to lowest melting points. Explain your arrangement based on structure and bonding principles. N2, SiO2, Cl2, H2O, NaF, KCl. based on values I found elsewhere the order should be SiO2, NaF,KCl, Cl2, N2, H20 However I am not...