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    What is soium metal packing

    Hello How sodium metal packing is done to avoid water reaction with it
  2. P

    Best method for the analysis of vitamins and metals in health supplements?

    I am looking at analysing a range of vitamin supplements in order to quantify both their water soluble vitamin and metal content. I intend to use LC-MS for the vitamins and FAAS for the metals. Are these the best methods would you say or is there a better method? Also I am not 100% sure on the...
  3. M

    Metal Vapor Lamp

    My professor just asked us why would the metal vapor lamps go bad prematurely, to my knowledge, it's because of excessive voltage required to start the lamp over time? Is there anything else that you guys can think of that would make these lamps go bad? Thank you :)
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    Neutralizing a metal nitrate solute with Sodium Hydroxide

    La(NO3)3*6H20; Sr(NO3)2; Co(NO3)2*6H20; Fe(NO3)3*9H20; Dissolved in 300 mL H20 (DI), heated to 70C, stirring to dissolve into solution. The problem is that the resulting solution pH is too low for a pH meter to read, and indicator strips (0-3) indicate less than, or at least equal to, 0...
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    how to prepare the metal nitrate solution?

    I have a 0.5g of bismuth nitrate pentahydrate (BiN3O9.5H2O , MW 485 g/mol) and 0.5 g of yttrium nitrate hexahydrate (YN3O9.6H2O , MW 383 g/mol). I need to mix it with 70% nitric acid ( 15M) to produce 0.2M of metal solution. How can I determine the volume of nitric acid? Is it by adding the...
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    excitation metal

    Hi all, How can I excitation - ionization solid metal ??? May by radioactive material which is too soft.
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    Finding oxidation state of metal center?

    what is the oxidation state of the metal center in of [Cr(CN)ClF2(NH3)2]- Could anyone explain how exactly to know the charges of each component? I think the charge of (NH3)2 is -2 but Im not sure how to find the rest of the charges. Thanks for any insight.
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    Help with Finding the atomic mass of an unknown metal

    A 1.00g sample of metal X weighs 1.345 g after complete conversion to the oxide. If the formula for the oxide is X2O3, what is the atomic weight of X? I dont know where to start.