1. K


    Conc. aq. sulphuric acid is 98% H2SO4 by mass and has a density of 1.84g cm-3. What volume of the concentrated acid is required to make 5 litres of 0.5M H2SO4? I've got an assignment of 87 questions this being the 54th. I tried solving but ended with 133152.1739ml as the final value. (I'm sorry...
  2. S


    Can anyone help me with this question? What is the molarity of each ion present in aqueous solutions prepared by dissolving 15.0 g of the following compounds in water to make 655 mL of solution? a.) scandium(iii) iodide b.) sodium carbonate c.) magnesium phosphate d.) potassium oxide I think...
  3. C

    How to calculate molarity of a dilute solution?

    An unknown solution has a molarity of 1.30 x 10^-5 M. 3.0 mL of the solution is placed in a test tube with 2.0 mL of water. Then 1.0 mL of bleach with a molarity of 0.712 M is added. How do you calculate the molarity of this dilute solution?
  4. J

    How would you find the molarity to this problem.

    A) How many moles and numbers of ions of each type are present in the following aqueous solution? Give your answers for the numbers of ions in scientific notation. 379 mL of 0.192 M aluminum chloride mol aluminum × 10 ions of aluminum mol chloride ×...
  5. Z

    Molar concentration

    How many litres of (NH3) (the volume is measured in standart conditions) must be dissolved in 200 g of a 10% solution NH4OH to obtain 15% solution of the ammonium hydroxide?
  6. S

    Molarity and Ion concentration question

    I finally got to the last page of my assignment, and there is a problem I can't figure out how to do. It is this: Given the reaction below, if 52.2mL of 0.771M Ba(NO3)2 reacts with 65.9mL of 1.11M NaF, calculate the concentration of all ions in solution after the reaction. Ba(NO3)2 (aq) + 2NaF...
  7. S

    I cannot solve these pretty easy excersises on molarity...

    I have been trying for more than an hour on these 2 problems... Could someone please help me? The first one: Calculate the new concentration when 25 ml of 1.2 mole/Litre C2H4O2 is thinned with 30 ml of water. the second: In a supply closet stands a bottle with 0.5 litre of NaCl. The...
  8. B

    Serial dilutions help

    Hi there - please help! If I have 10mls of stock solution at 10-3 M (I assume this means 10-3 moles per litre). How do I create 1ml of 10-4M? and then 1ml 3x10-4M solutions? Do I just take 1 ml of stock solution and add this to 9 mls of distilled water for 10-4? And then take 3 mls of this and...
  9. B

    Dilutions confusion - please help

    Hi there, I am a biology undergrad with some highschoool chem problems based on dilutions - please help! If I have a solution of 2.5% solution does this mean 2.5g per 100ml? Assuming yes, that gives me 0.025g per 1ml and therefore 25mg per 1ml. The question is what volume do I need to have...
  10. J

    pH dilution problem

    Im trying to programmatically simulate the dilution of a liquid with a given pH, and determine the resulting pH. The problem I'm running into is that nothing in the equation results in the the new pH approaching (but not reaching/crossing) 7. Given that pH1 = 6.8 m1*v1 = m2*v2, m = 10 ^ -pH...
  11. J

    Calculating concentration

    Hi, Im trying to figure out how to answer a sample question for a practice chem exam and i'm have a little trouble. The question is: Having measured the absorbance of several Co(NO3)2 solutions of known concentration, a student plotted the graph above. The student was then given a...
  12. brandonz

    Molecular formula molarity problem?

    So I know we have to show some work of our own, but I honestly have no idea where to start or even how to start. I have found the answer posted on Yahoo answers but I want to know why I'm supposed to do certain things.. So here is the question "Carminic acid, a naturally occurring red pigment...
  13. D

    Molarity calculation

    What is the molarity of a solution made when water is added to 12g NaCl to make 100cm3(cube) of solution
  14. N

    Molarity and Number of moles please help..what to do next?

    The question goes like this: 10.0ml of a 0.1M K2Cr207 solution is added to 10.0ml of a 0.1M Pb(NO3)2 solution. What mass of PbCr207 is formed?? 0.1 = number and of moles of K2Cr207 divided by 0.01L, and number of moles is given mass divided by 294g/mol (molar mass), which gives 2.94g and with...
  15. W

    Chemistry Molarity question, can you answer this??

    Equal Volumes of 0.5M H2S04 and 0.4M KOH are mixed. Calculate the molarity of each ion present in the final solution. since the volumes are equal, we can assume that its 1000ml (1L) so the mass of H2SO4 becomes 49g and KOH becomes 28.5g since number of moles equals given mass/molar mass. Now...
  16. A

    Needing to make a solution of particular Molarity

    I am a behavioral ecologist and really having trouble figuring out how to make the correct solution for an experiment I am running. I need to make a 1 M solution of quinine hydrochloride (mw 396.91 g/mol) mixed with fish food (brine shrimp), gelatin, and water. My recipe is .5 ox of gelatin...
  17. W

    Calculate pH of WEAK acid given ONLY molarity?

    Is it possible to calculate the pH of a weak acid if you're only given the molarity? For example, "Calculate the pH of a 0.1 M solution of methylamine. Explain why it is different then the pH of a 0.1 M solution NaOH." Obviously, finding the pH of a strong acid/base is pretty straightforward...
  18. L

    How do I determine the molarity of an unknown from a redox titration?

    I titrated 10.00mL of 0.2 Molar (COOH)2 with 12.31mL of KMnO4. How would I determine the molarity of KMnO4? Balanced Net Ionic Equation (determined from half reactions) 2MnO4- + 6H+ + 5(COOH)2 ----> 10CO2 + 2Mn2+ + 8H2O Originally I tried doing it like this (below), but I don't feel too...
  19. M

    Stoichometry: Balancing Chem Eq,molarity

    I need someone to check these problems for me, particularly the 2nd one, I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. 1) Write the balanced equation for: Mg + 0 Solution: 2MgO 2) If .05g og Mg is used, how many grams of MgO is produced? I know for this one I have to get the theoretical yield...
  20. D

    molarity questions

    3.97- Calculate each of the following quantities: a. Volume in mL of 2.26 M potassium hydroxide that ontains 8.42g of solute b. Number of Cu2+ ions in 52 L of 2.3 M copper (II) chloride c. molarity of 275 mL of solution containing 135 mmol of glucose 3.99- Calculate each of...