1. R

    Question About Naming Molecular Compounds

    Okay so I have started this debate with my Chemistry Teacher about how you determine if a compound is Ionic or Covalent. I was basing on how I name a compound based on the Electronegativity. Based on the χ<0.4⇒ covalent non-polar 0.4<χ<1.7⇒ covalent polar χ>1.7⇒ ionic So for example on PbI2...
  2. S

    PHENOL (carbolic acid) PROJECT HELP

    Hi I am doing PHENOL for a project and related it to a product called carbolic soap. Can Someone help me explain how it's used in Carbolic soap and what properties of PHENOL make it a good molecule to use in Carbolic soap. I know ITS A DISINFECTANT but how does phenol's structure play a role in...
  3. S

    how to study

    whenever we study physics numericals,units,definition of quantities in chemistry and formulas,reactions practice should be done to it strong. but my problem is when we study physics i encounter examples in middle of chapter like numericals can i solve numericals when i finish reading chapter.
  4. S

    Different compound name with same molecular weight and molecular formula

    Hello all This is Shefin. I do research in Biotechnology. I presently focussed on the phytochemical details from plants. Here I came across the fact that most plants contains different compounds having the same molecular formula and molecular weight. Why is it so? and What is it called? what...
  5. A

    converting chemical structure to molecular formula

    Hi there, I don't have a chemistry background, so am struggling a bit with this one. I am required to convert the (shown) molecule to a molecular formula, but i'm not understanding how to do this. I thought maybe it was as simple as just adding everything up, i.e answer C3H9, but realise...
  6. K

    Molecular formula of compound

    Combustion of hydrocarbon X in excess oxygen produces 0.66g of carbon dioxide, and 0.27 g of water. At room tempertaure and pressure , X is a gas with density 1.75gdm^-3 . What could the molecular of X be? What is the ans ? i only managed to get the empirical formula is CH2 ...
  7. J

    Molecular Geometry - CuCl4???

    For a lab we used a computer program to generate the bond angles for the square planar arrangement of CuCl4, which were 96.89, 97.60, 97.59 and 96.09, which are greater than the ideal angle of 90 degrees. I know there is a distortion of the square planar structure at room temperature for...
  8. brandonz

    Molecular formula molarity problem?

    So I know we have to show some work of our own, but I honestly have no idea where to start or even how to start. I have found the answer posted on Yahoo answers but I want to know why I'm supposed to do certain things.. So here is the question "Carminic acid, a naturally occurring red pigment...
  9. Juliana

    Molecular shapes

    Hi, guys! Please help me out with my homework. Chemistry is very hard for me, but I'm doing my best in order to understand something. These are some questions that I am not sure about: 1) The "Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion" model (VSEPR) is based upon what idea? a. Since all electrons...
  10. D

    Comparing molecular structure of two chemicals

    Hi guys and thanks in advance for any help. The two chemicals in question in this case are DEET and spinosad. The molecular structure for these two chemicals seem to be very similar, but I don't have a very good understanding of chemistry. DEET -C12H17NO Spinosad - C41H65NO10 The ratios of...
  11. F

    Empirical & Molecular Forumlae Determination Woes

    The aim of the practical experiment we are undertaking is to determine which copper oxide (I or II) our sample is by measuring 'stuff' and thereby calculating its empirical formula. A specific question asks: "Why can't the molecular formula of your oxide be calculated from the information you...
  12. C

    Determining Molecular Formula

    What is the molecular formula of the compound: 2,3-dimethyl-4-cyclopentyl-5-ethyldecane Can someone explain the process on how to get started?
  13. C

    Determining molecular formula of a hydrate?

    MgSO4*xH20 mass of hydrated comlex (g) - 6.32 mass of anhydrous complex (g) - 3.54 mass of water (g) - 2.78 Based on those results, determine the molecular formula of the hydrate. My peers and I have gotten different answers, and my teacher can't quite teach properly so I resort to teaching...
  14. H

    Is the molecular model kit worth it (Organic Chem)

    I am wondering if the molecular model kit is worth buying and using during a test. I am asking because I am worried that putting the pieces together will waste valuable test time. The reason I am considering a kit is because I am having trouble visualizing the Cahn-Ingold prelog when the...
  15. I

    Molecular geometry exercises

    I need urgent help please, is very important I have to relate some compounds or ions with molecular geometry (tetrahedral, trigonal planar ...): ClO2- HCOOH CH3NH2 H2F + NO3- B2O3 thanks
  16. L

    Molecular Formula

    Hydroxylamine nitrate contains 29.17 mass % N, 4.20 mass % H, and 66.63 mass % O. If its molar mass is between 94 and 98 g/mol, what is its molecular formula? Can someone explain how I should go about solving this? The answer is N2H4O4, but I don't understand how to get that.
  17. L

    Molecular orbitals

    Hi, I am asked to construct molecular orbitals (using sigma and pi) for: -C2H6 -O2 -H2O -CO2 -(CH3)2 CO (propanone) -C6H6 I'm not too sure how I should go on about to do this... ?