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    Breaking water molecule

    Hi, While a mere 1.3 volts can break bonds in a water molecule, I have been reading that it takes 2000-3000 degrees celsius to break same bonds thermally. Such high temperatures intuitively appear to be very high energy compared to 1.3 volts. Why does it take such high temperatures? How exactly...
  2. H

    Molecule Orbital of Cobalt(III)-complex

    Hello I've been trying to create the MO of the Trans- Dichlorobis(ethylenediamine)-cobalt(III) Chloride complex. (trans-dichlorobis(en)-cobalt(III) chlroide / CoCl2(en)2 Cl ) As this is not my speciality I failed to accomplish. Is anyone of you able to draw it and upload it here? Would be very...
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    Please help me draw this molecule from the IUPAC name

    I'm supposed to draw a molecule using it's IUPAC name, which is 5-methyhept-3-ynoic acid. Right now i have CH3 CH2 CH? CH2 CHCH3 CH2 CH3 don't know what to do about the ynoic acid part on the third carbon. what do I put there? please help, this is due tomorrow and i'm really lost!
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    A Molecule With a Similar Molar Mass as CCl4?

    I need to find a molecule that has a similar mass as CCl4 but it can't be another non-polar molecule. PCl3 was the closest I could get it but had a lower melting and boiling point. I need to prove that a polar molecule with a similar molar mass will have a higher melting and boiling point...
  5. S

    What is this molecule?

    Please, please, please can someone identify this molecule? Either by name or molecular formula. Would be greatly appreciated! Yours, An A-Level Chemistry Student.
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    how to Measure the length of the molecule?

    hello, is there any software to virtually measure the approximate length of the molecule? for example length of Hexane! BR.
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    Numbering hydrocarbon branches - QUICK HELP APPRECIATED!

    Hi! I've been given the alkene "3-ethyl-4-propylheptane". I found nothing wrong in the name, however, the 4-prefix (before propyl) is unnecessary since if the propyl would be sitting on ANY other carbon, the longest carbon chain would change and it would no longer be a heptane. My question is...
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    help me identify this molecule?

    Hi, I have to find out the street name for this, and I'm stumped. Haven't payed attention to chemistry since high school 12 years ago! It's part of a scavenger hunt. It's in the attached image. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks! -K