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    Is it known to science why electron energy levels change, as atoms become molecules,

    Is it known to science why electron energy levels change, as atoms become molecules, or why electron voltage requirement changes when the electron is from the nucleus in higher shell levels. So can it just he observed that electrons need a certain electron voltage to move to higher shell...
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    Bound excited helium molecules

    If He* collides with He, why does it create He2*? Is it because there's only one electron in the anti-bonding orbital? Thanks
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    Chemistry help. Ranking bonds and molecules in order please.?

    Consider the following molecules: CF4, H3CBr, H3CCl A) Rank the bonds: C-H, C-F, C-Br and C-Cl B) Rank the molecules in order of increasing polarity. Explain THANK YOU!!
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    What is the number of molecules in 500 cm^3 of oxygen under room conditions?

    And how do we solve this kind of problem?
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    Why aren't Ionic Compounds Molecules?

    Okay I understand why ionic compounds are ionic compounds and that is the ionic bonding. What I don't understand is why this isn't a subset of the molecules. They have these properties that some molecules share: Negative and Positive parts High Solubility in water Forms a lattice in the...
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    Concentration of 200 NaCl molecules

    Hello, I have been working with gromacs to carry out a molecular dynamics simulation on a protein. I have added NaCl to this solution and now wish to work out the concentration that I added. The size of the box that the solvent (and protein) are within is 670.411nm^3 I have converted the...
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    Modeling Molecules

    I need helppppp !!! :eek: I don't understand exactly what I'm doing in Chem at all... I'm not retaining any information! How do you come up with the electron dot structure and structual formula for sulfur hexachloride, carbon dioxide, methylcyclohexane, propane, ethene, and phenol. :confused...
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    Can somebody please verify the IUPAC name of these molecules?

    Hello! Can somebody please let me know if these are correct and if not where am I going wrong? Thanks! 1) 6-ethyl-3-methylnon-4-yn-2-one 2) 5-ethyl-2-methyloct-2-en-4-one 3) 1-bromo-5-methylhept-3-yn-2-ol 4) 3-ethyl-6-methyloct-3-en-5-ol 5) Is it 7-fluoro-4-methyloct-5-yn-3-one or...
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    Which of the following molecules of ethylene is more stable?

    Well to start, I know that both of the structures have a sigma bond and a pi bond (because every additional bond after a single bond is a pi bond; ie. a triple bond would be a sigma and 2 pi bonds). I am going to take a guess and that the more stable structure is the more symmetrical one? I...