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    Finding pH of solution (KOH, HCl, NaCl)

    Solution made of 230 mg KOH 8.71 ml 0.802 mol/l solution of HCl 3 g m/m% NaOH = 3.97 diluted to 618 ml m/m% is weight percent of substance. What is pH of this solution?
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    Heat of neutralization

    If the heat of neutralization of aqueous benzoic acid is 54.6 kj/mol, what is the enthalpy of ionization on benzoic acid? I think I use deltaH=q rxn/mols reacting Not really sure.
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    Neutralization reaction

    Determine which of the following will be more effective in neutralizing stomach acid (HCl): a tablet containing 12g Mg(OH)2 or a tablet containing 12g Al(OH)3 Molar mass in g/mol: Mg(OH)2= 58.33, Al(OH)3= 78.00 Help please :o
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    Molarity and neutralization

    0.902g KHC8 H4O4 neutralizes 26.45 mL of NaOH. What is the molarity of the NaOH? Need the answer to be in mol/L NaOH HC8H4O4- + OH- ----> H2O + C8O4-2 i dont understand how they got this part from KHC8 H4O4 and NaOH i thought it was suppose to be set up like this KHC8H4O4 + NaOH ------->...