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    Nucleophilic Substitution

    Hi, When heating a Haloalkane with Ammonia to make a amine, does the leaving Halogen take two electrons or just one? so does the Nitrogen make a dative bond with the Carbon? Regards
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    nucleophilic substitution

    draw the product formed by the nucleophilic substitution of 1 chloropentane and 1 methyl ethanol the first issue for me - is it sn2 or sn1 it's a primary alkyl halide so sn2 seems the choice but the nucleophile is a neutral weak nucleophile which favors sn1. the solvent i assume is methyl...
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    Nucleophilic Subsitution

    Do the SN1 AND SN2 pathways of nucleophilic substitution produce the same product or different? Please explain if possible! Cheers