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    Quantum Numbers

    For the element Nickel, how many ground state electrons will have the quantum numbers n=3 and m(l)= -1? Here's what I did but I'm not sure if I'm right: So for n=3 (Nickel), there are 16 electrons in the ground state (yes?). and then to find the magnetic quantum number, I must first find l...
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    Trick to memorise atomic numbers

    Hey friends, just joined this forum. Well i come from India, and in India, there are about 60/70 students per class. (India amongst most populated countries in world)More stress is given on rote learning rather than understanding. For that i have to constantly develop mnemonics to help children...
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    Why do chemist need to learn about quantum numbers?

    I have just finished learning about quantum numbers. What I would like to know is why chemistry students need to learn to assign quantum numbers? They do not appear useful. I know that the numbers tell you about the energy, shape, magnetism, and spin of an electron but, why does a chemist...
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    quantum numbers

    What is the element whose last electron in has the following set of quantum numbers? n = 4 l = 3 ml = -2 ms = +1/2 i do not understand how to do this question, can you please explain how i would do a question like this. thank you.
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    Quantum Numbers

    Just a quick multiple choice question Which of the following statements about an electron with angular momentum quantum number l=3 is INCORRECT? A The electron canot be in the lowest energy shell B The electron may have a magnetic quantum number of ml= 3 C The electron may have spin ms= + 1/2...