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    Redistillation of Lavender Oil to Improve Quality

    Improving the quality of Lavender As a hobby, I annually produce about a liter of lavender oil by the steam distillation of buds from Lavendula Angustifolia. As the plants are Lavandin, and not the “true” Lavender, the resulting oil could be improved by the removal of excess rather...
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    Measuring amount of c60 fullerenes dissolved in oil

    Hello All, Please forgive my ignorance. I really don't know much about chemistry. I have been searching the web for the answer to my question, but I haven't been able to find anything that I can understand/use. I have been dissolving c60 fullerenes in various types of oil for a while now. I...
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    What are the chemical and physical properties of Vegetable oil (preferably canola oil

    I am doing some simulations as part of my project in ANSYS CFD and I need to input chemical properties like STANDARD STATE ENTHALPY and MOLECULAR WEIGHT of vegetable oil. Can anyone help me with those values? Thanks in advance.
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    DIY C60 Olive Oil

    I am thinking of making my own C60 Olive Oil. However I notice that the C60 Carbon comes in two types to remove impurities – 1) sublimiation. 2) vacuum oven dried. Does anybody know what the difference is and which is more suitable? This stuff is expensive so if anybody knows of a few suppliers...
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    Why oil cannot get sprayed and dispersed while water can?

    Why oil cannot get sprayed and dispersed if it's put in glass cleaner sprayer and the spray knob is pressed, while the water will be? The knob would feel very hard if being pressed.
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    Recycling used engine oil using adsorbent(agricultural waste)

    My final year project work is based on purifying a certain quantity of used engine oil using adsorbent( agricultural waste).. It has been a rough journey for me.,the material have been working with for over a year now ain't helpful enough.. I'm yet to get the desired result... I only have...
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    How reduce flammability of crude oil?

    P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Hi, I am currently working on a project on “safety for transportation of crude oil”, I dont have technical background in chemical and material science that is why I need some expert opinions. 1- is there and process, chemical or material that can be...
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    paraffin oil 68 cSt for electric motor lubrication?

    Hello. I have food grade paraffin oil,viscosity 68 cSt(~20 SAE). I think it is 100% paraffin mineral oil. I have been told that it is special uses for the machine,in the bread bakery industries,which weight the dough. I don't know what it is,exactly,lube at the machine(since i don't know how...
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    Crowell model 'AC' vacuum pump: needs oil?

    Our lab just bought this refurbished Crowell model 'AC' vacuum pump. It works good. http://www.shopsvc.com/index.php/crowell-ac-belt-driven-vacuum-pump-w-ge-1-3hp-1140rpm-115-230v-1-phase-motor.html Does it need to be filled with oil for lubrication? There is no oil drain plug on this...
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    Adding Sulfur to oil

    Is there any method of uniformly mixing sulfur to oil. The added sulfur should not sediment !
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    What are the environmental implications of mineral oil in our products?

    I think hydrocarbons only affect air pollution when they are burned (though feel free to tell me if i am completely and utterly wrong) I also know that mineral oil goes through a distillation process to remove the toxins . . . and those filtered toxins must go somewhere. . . .that can't be...
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    Oil Spill Dispersant formulation

    I am currently working on oil spill formulation and realized that it's a challenge to make it not toxic for marine life. Need help on some formulation that you might know. Currently I am trying on using Palm methyl ester... :)