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    Molecule Orbital of Cobalt(III)-complex

    Hello I've been trying to create the MO of the Trans- Dichlorobis(ethylenediamine)-cobalt(III) Chloride complex. (trans-dichlorobis(en)-cobalt(III) chlroide / CoCl2(en)2 Cl ) As this is not my speciality I failed to accomplish. Is anyone of you able to draw it and upload it here? Would be very...
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    Please help me dear friends 1.Why elongated p orbitals have no sign? 2.Why wave function needs to be squared for finding probability?
  3. K

    Shape of the p-orbital

    hi, what should be the true electron probability density or the shape of a p-orbital? Some say it is ''dumbbell'' and some say it is ''pear-shaped'' If both of them are correct, then what is the difference between them Ths a lot!
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    Orbital (shell) question

    A hydrogen atom with an electron in the first shell (n=1) absorbs ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 1.03 x 10^-7 m. To what shell does the electron jump? The answer is the 3rd shell. However, I'm not sure how to work it out.
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    HMO pi orbital determination

    Almost finish with my problem set but then I came across this problem... What is the total number of HMO pi molecular orbitals (bonding and antibonding) in 3-methyl-5-(1-ethenyl)-1,3,5,7,9-decapentaene? Please explain how you arrived at your answer. So far I only managed to draw out the...
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    What does an "empty" orbital means?

    What does mean an "empty " orbital? I know it is without electron, but I want to know empty means vacuum or black matter or what? Thanks.