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    What does Oxidizable matter oxygen mean?

    BS EN ISO 3696, in page 10 a table, shows the requirements for different grades of water. This table mentions a term, Oxidizable matter oxygen. I know what BOD (biological oxygen demand) and COD (chemical oxygen demand) are, but I don't have clear idea about oxidizable matter oxygen. I am...
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    What are all the ways to prevent Oxygen from chemical reaction?

    For example: this can be used to stop fires. I'm a mechanical engineering student, so I don't know much about chemistry :D, so I was looking for some help with this question. I'm willing to devote much of my time to research this. I would actually form a research team for this if needed. Any...
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    Oxygen pressure for oxidizing gold problem

    Hi Guys! I'm not sure what to do, I don't epect anyone to complete this for me (not that i'd be adverse to it) but can anyone give me some guidance please? The question is linked: http://imgur.com/0cXlnkB 2AU(solid) + 3/2O2(gas) <--> Au203(solid) @25degrees. Gibbs free energy change =...
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    What is the number of molecules in 500 cm^3 of oxygen under room conditions?

    And how do we solve this kind of problem?
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    Oxygen consuming compunds

    Hi I'm after any chemical compounds that use large quantities of oxygen, or any other constitute of air, like fuels do, but to a higher degree. that is they react with large amounts of air to produce a significantly heavier byproduct.
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    Nitrogen vs Oxygen Comparison

    Which of the following is an accurate comparison of the properties of Nitrogen and Oxygen? A. Oxygen is a strong oxidizing agent while Nitrogen is a strong reducing agent. B. Both Oxygen and Nitrogen form anions easily C. Nitrogen uses more oxidation states in its compounds than oxygen...