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    help plz

    C6H6(l) Br2(l) = C6H5Br(l) + HBr(g) My question is if 18.3 grams of Benzene (C6H6) reacts with 3.21 grams of Bromine (Br2) how many grams of Bromobenzene (C6H5Br) will be produced? I have tried this multiple ways and I am really lost when it comes to setting this up. I tried converting the...
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    need help plz

    In the nineteenth century, the Russian scientist Dimitri Mendeleev, arranged the known elements in order of the relative masses of their atoms. His work led to the modern Periodic Table that we use today. (a) (i) Explain why atoms of different elements have different masses. (ii) Explain, in...
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    plz answer dis ques

    how does picolinic acid reacts with trichloroacetic acid. wanna to grow single crystal by mixing these two chemicals. so please do xpln me the basic chemistry behind these chem rxn
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    need help with organic synthetic question, plz help

    my question is this, 'why is there no general synthetic route to 2-substituted imidazole analogous to the general route for 2-substituted benzimidazole?