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    calculation of freezing point

    hi i am trying to figure out the way to calculate the freezing point of an aqueous solution which have 5 different components. if someone can refer me to an example or give me and example it will be great thanks in advance sharon
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    Freezing point depression of ZnCl2

    Hello, I did an experiment on how different concentrations of ZnCl2 affect the freezing point of demi water. My results were that till a concentration of about 10 mol dm-3 the freezing point decreased (more or less in a linear manner). After that at concentrations of 15mol dm-3 the freezing...
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    Which of these has higher boiling point?

    Which one has higher boiling point, phosphorus pentachloride or sulphur hexafluoride? So, phosphorus pentachloride is shaped as a trigonal bipyramid. It is not polar and the forces that act between molecules are London dispersion forces. Sulphur hexafluoride is shaped as octahedral, it is not...
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    Melting point

    Hello. I'm Bill. I am searching for a material (or element or combination) that initially has a low melting point (like 600 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit), but afterward is resistant to high temps, like 1500 degrees Fahrenheit +. Any Ideas?
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    Calculating Freezing point

    I am asked to calculate freezing point of a substance at 1x10^4 atm given the following information freezing point at 1 atm densities of the solid and liquid phase (in g/mL) change in entropy per mL melted I am to assume that both solid and liquid are incompressible, and that change in...
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    boiling point of organic compounds

    Which one of these have the lowest boiling point? How can you tell which one has the lowest BP? all are isomers of C3h9n Propamine -------> CH3-CH2-CH2-NH2 : Prop-2-amine --------> CH3-CH-NH2-CH3 EthyMethylamine -------> CH3-NH-CH2-CH3 TriMethylamine -------> N(CH3)3 Is it propamine...
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    Melting point question (I think?)

    I'm not even sure what this problem is asking me to do. If anyone could suggest a formula I could use, I would greatly appreciate it! I would like to work it out myself if possible! Thanks!
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    Freezing Point of CaCl2/NaCl dissolved?

    A solution contains 32.5g of CaCl2 dissolved in 250g of water. Calculate the freezing point of this solution. Assume the equation Change in Tf = -1.86m is valid. The following question is exactly the same but with NaCl. In closing which is the better deicer due to the previous data?
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    I'm stuck! Boiling point elevation problem

    I am at a loss for what to do with this problem: Determine the molality of a 100.0-mL water sample to which antifreeze (ethylene glycol, C2H6O2) has been added, if the boiling point of the solution rises to 104.5°C. From the molality, determine the number of grams of ethylene glycol added to...
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    What is the basic difference in Melting point and Boiling point ?

    I've tried searching it on the internet, but they said things, which I coudn't understand. Please tell me in layman language. Help!
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    freezing point

    Hi im having trouble with this question i got assigned, i have no clue where to start so if somebody could point me in the right direction that would be great. the question is: how many grams of camphor(C10 H16 O) would you need to shift the freezing point of 100ml water by 5.6 degrees celsius.
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    intermolecular forces and melting point relationships?

    This is the question: Arrange the following in order from highest to lowest melting points. Explain your arrangement based on structure and bonding principles. N2, SiO2, Cl2, H2O, NaF, KCl. based on values I found elsewhere the order should be SiO2, NaF,KCl, Cl2, N2, H20 However I am not...
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    Isoelectric point

    I NH3(+) --- (CH2)4 --- CH --- COO(-) II | | NH3(+) III Find the isoelectric point of the above compound If PKa values of I,II,III are 2,7,5.