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    boiling points

    why do the boiling points of aldehydes and alcohols increase with the number of carbon atoms. i understand that the boiling points of alkanes increase with the number of carbon atoms through increasing van der vaal forces but with alcohols and aldehydes the intermolecular forces are hydrogen...
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    melting points of compounds

    Rank from highest to lowest melting points: KBr, SiO2, NaCl, CH3CH2CH3, CH3CH2OH
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    Boiling points of alcohols vs. alkanes

    Why do boiling points of alcohols increase more gradually with the increase in number of carbon atoms, while boiling points of alkanes increase more significantly for the same number of carbon atoms?
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    Lattice Points and Density?

    Please help I am reviewing for the ACS and my professor sucked. For the same atoms at the lattice points, which lattice exhibits the lowest density? (A) body-centered cubic (B) face-centered cubic (C) hexagonal (D) simple cubic
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    Why do these two compounds have different Boiling Points (BP's)?

    2-Methylpentane and 2-Pentanone have similar Molar Mass' but different BP's. In terms of the Intermolecular forces and surface area of the molecules explain why. I had since 2-Methylpentane is an Alkane consisting of only Carbon and Hydrogen it is non-polar (due to the distribution of electrons...