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    Hello All, So I was just wondering how come in a solution were precipitates form, their always in many small particles, how come they don't just form one big chuck? Thanks
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    1) A 0.15 L solution of .30 M MgCl2 is mixed with .15 L of .10 M Na2CO3. Calculate the molar concentration of the carbonate ion left after MgCO3 precipitates. What percentage of the carbonate ion precipitated? so first I turned the concentrations into moles then divided each by .3L to get new...
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    Precipitates and Excess Reagents

    Given a solution 5.16g of aluminum nitrate is dissolved into 77.0mL of water and then is added to 113mL of a 0.234M solution of potassium carbonate, answer the following questions: A) Write out a complete balanced molecular equation including states of matter. B) Write out the net ionic...