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    Variation Principle

    I have a trial function: phi(x)= (2b/pi)^1/4 *e^-bx^2 and a potential V(x)= a* |x|; |x|=x when x>0 and |x|=-x when x<0. I am supposed to determine the groundstate energy. I know what does variation principle mean. But my problem is that, i don't know how to solve the integral. I need...
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    Le Chatelier's Principle and Galvanic Cells

    Are these answers correct? ---- Consider the following Galvanic cell at 291 Kelvin: Cu|Cu2+||Au3+|Au where the standard cell potential is 1.18 V. How will the following changes affect the potential of the cell? (Increase, Decrease, or No Change) a. Increase the mass of the Au b. Adding equal...