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    incineration process

    Hi everyone. Sorry for the rather grim question, but I'm trying to make sense of a murder case that happened recently in my country(Romania) and I have very little trust in the authorities or the media at this point. Is it possible to burn a human body(15yearld, aprox 110 pounds)), using an...
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    Making process of THC pills

    You can always get the natural THC pills at your local dispensary. But it’s also a good idea to make them on your own if resources are available as you can personalize you doses according to your need Firstly, get organic cannabis and weigh it. Each individual might require a different dose. So...
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    Please help with my 3d Printing process

    hello, i hope this is ok to post here, if not any help pointing me in the right direction would be great. first off let me explain what i do, im a modelmaker, i own a small modelmaking company that does allot of 3d printing and vacuum casting. anyone who is interested you can check out the...
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    How can I accelerate the process for aging paper ?

    Hello, I have very limited knowledge in chemistry in science in general. For the making of a role-playing game, I need to be able to accelerate the aging process of paper with text printed on it , via an inket printer (black and white, as well as colors). I would like to know which chemical...
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    unreacted β-naphthol during sulfonation process

    Dear All, I have unreacted β-naphthol in sulfonation for the synthesis of Schaffer's Acid and R-Acid.In isolation of Scahffer's Acid β-naphthol also isolated with Schaffer's Acid.Now, i want to purified Schaffers Acid from β-naphthol.Plz help me. How to purified Schaeer's...
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    Help clarification process

    New to the forum and wanted to know if anybody had any experience of water clarifiers in an industrial process? Recently this aspect of my plant has come under my remit. In particular the problem seems to be high turbidity caused by ptfe in the effluent. Ferric chloride as well as flocculent are...
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    Organic/ Determining process

    I need help with determining the the correct process. This is not homework and is a study guide in preparation for the upcoming finals week. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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    production process

    Hi, I am searching for production of polypropylene thread using a needle felting method. I would like to know what components and how much are needed to produce polypropylene (how much) and what are the emissions related to that. However, I couldn't find any information. Also if you can guide...