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    The yield of the reaction product

    Hello,people:) Check please answers of the exercises. Ex.1.40 g of zinc oxide was reduced by excess carbon. Determine the mass of the formed metal if the yield of the reaction product is 85%. Ex.2.490 g of a 20% solution of sulfuric acid was neutralized with slaked lime Ca (OH) 2, and 60.6 g of...
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    Need help identifying safety of a product

    My mom is taking {4{{{4-methyl-2-[4-[trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-1,3-thiazol-5--l }methyl]sulfonyl]-2-methylphenoxy}acetic acid and phenq I don't know of these are safe together or safe at all I have read of cancer side effects in rats but I want to know if there is any obvious problems with this...
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    Solubility Product of Mg(OH)2?

    I just did a lab where we added .9833M NaOH to .01000L of ~1M MgCl2 (diluted in .05000L of water) and plotted the changes in pH. At equivalence point I got .02000L of NaOH added and a pH of 11.11 and at half-equivalence point I got .01000L and a pH of 9.94. The purpose is to calculate the...
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    Finding the percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide in a consumer product?

    We were given a lab last week in Chemistry class, the problem was to find the percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide in a consumer product. A titration happened between acidic hydrogen peroxide solution and KMnO4. Previously I calculated the KMnO4's molarity and placed it in the equation...
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    question product reaction

    I believe this one is a but this questions seems ambiguous to me since both of the nitrogens have a lone pair and the positive charge, which nitrogen can handle, after being protonated is on both structures. Any ideas? Thanks! I
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    reagents, interconversion and Markovnokov product

    I think 1 is cyclohexene and 2 and 3 are isomers of cyclohexanol. I am not sure about the meaning of the random bonds jutting out of each molecule with nothing on the end- I will assume they are important positions attached to a hydrogen? My understanding of Markovnikov was that hydrogen added...
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    From product descriptions to chemical competence

    Hi there, How can one educated themselves and gain some competence based on everyday products and chemical labelling...descriptions. I am interested in simply picking up a label or product description which says "uPVC" lets say and learning as best as I can what really defines those letters in...
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    What is this growth on china product with harmful chemical?

    Hi, I am not a chemistry student but was recently presented with a rather disconcerting situation which I am hoping someone from the chemistry world can help shed some light on. I purchased a china made wallet at a discount store. Upon bringing it home and more closely examining my purchase I...
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    Chemistry expert help needed inorder to manufacture a product

    Hey , Rashingking from Canada here . I am making a face wash product . I have all the incredients which is a liquid . I want it to be converted into a thick white cream. I need to know inorder to finish my product How to convert a liquid into a cream ? How to turn the cream into a white...
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    Solubility product constant (Ksp) Please helppp!!

    For this pre-lab, consider the equilibrium to be... PbI2---> (Pb2+) + 2I- You mix the following: Volume of Lead Nitrate solution 3.04 mL Original concentration of Lead Nitrate solution 0.00216 M Volume of Iodide ion solution 4.69 mL Original concentration...
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    Solubility Product of Mg(OH)2

    Hey guys, stuck on my lab for several hours now. Tried many things. Looking for some guidance now. :( Information required to do the questions: 10mL MgCl2 was diluted in 50mL water. Then it was titrated using 0.9725M NaOH At the equivalence point 20.0mL of NaOH was required to put OH- in...
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    Product of an equation vs. Balanced equation

    I have been asked to predict the product of: Pl3(l) + H2O ---> I know that the balance is: H3PO3(aq) + HCl(aq) Can someone explain how to find the prduct?
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    Finding the Volume of a gas (a product of a reaction)

    A reaction, 24mL of pure acetic acid and 13.7g of sodium bicarbonate were mixed. If the temperature the lab is 23.6 degrees Celcius and the atmosphereic pressure is 1.0 atm, what volume would be occupied by the CO2 produced in this reaction (in cm^3) I figured out that there is 0.163 moles of...
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    Ksp solubility product

    The solubility product Ksp for silver chromate Ag2CrO4 is 9.0 x 10-12 at 25 deg C. If the concentration of CrO4 2- in a solution is 0.0001 mol/L, what is the maximum possible concentration of Ag+ in that solution at 25degC before precipitation of solid AgCrO4 occurs? Is step one to complete and...
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    pH of manufacturing built prop acid/ammonia product

    Need urgent help with a manufacturing problem. Our company built a product that is testing in spec for propionic acid and ammonia, but out of spec for pH. Desperate for this answer. The total product build is 24166.246 KG. The amount of propionic acid added is 15949.723 KG, which puts us...
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    Calculation relating solubility product & acid constant

    1. Calculate the solubility of AgCN in mol/l in an aqueous buffer solution of pH 3.00! Ksp for AgCN is 6.00*10^(-17) and Ka for HCN is 4.93*10^(-10). Hint: the cyanide that dissolves is converted mostly to HCN on account of the fixed acidity of the buffer. Furthermore neglect [CN-] over [HCN]...