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    MSG production / synthesis

    Someone is telling me this, but I think I’m being played. Does the following ring true? Does it even make sense? Appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks in advance. MSG is no longer synthesized from acrylonitrile. It’s either produced through bacterial fermentation or acid hydrolysis of...
  2. F

    Which chemical is used for production of plastic pack

    Hello Which plastic is used for making plastic pack how it is made
  3. K

    Diazonium salt FOAM PRODUCTION PROBLEM (Balz-Schiemann)

    This was my attempt in a Balz-Schiemann reaction. In a three neck round bottom flask containing HCl i added a thermometer, a dropping funnel and a powder funnel. The flask was cooled in an ice bath. I slowly added some amount of m-phenylenediamine through the powder funnel. Then, I added...
  4. R

    Ammonia production

    why methanation is important in ammonia production on large scale and what happens to methane formed in synthesis loop?
  5. S

    CO2 Production using Citric acid powder and Bicarbonate of soda.

    I have a legal indoor medical marijuana grow. I've been looking at those buckets of powder that produce CO2. I'm thinking to myself "There must be a way to make these yourself in bulk for less money." I Don't know for sure (I'm not a chemist) but I suspect these buckets ($60 Each) contain...
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    Pretreatment for ethanol production from biowaste - hydrolyze lignocellulosic biomass

    Hi there I'm working on our research project, ethanol from mandarin orange peels. According to some studies I need to hydrolyze because it is a lignocellulosic biomass. However I was wondering if there is another pretreatment that does not involve hydrolysis because it seems very risky and...
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    We want to continue the production of questions

    Play no more than a small window into what the new year will bring? On the one hand, we want to continue the production of questions in a rate and quality that we have, which means expanding the most popular and exciting stories to bring some conclusions. We will also cast a critical eye on our...
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    Heat energy production by quicklime and water

    Dears, All of us know that chemical reaction between calcium oxide (quicklime) with water will produce heat energy strongly by the following equation: Cao + H2O = Ca(OH)2 -> releases heat energy I have improved the reaction above to maximize the heat energy production with the...
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    CRYOLITE from Germany

    CRYOLITE is also here now. I am 23 years old and I am from Germany where I work as laboratory assistant at a chemical producer of Fluoro chemicals. I hope to learn also here more about chemistry in common and specifically about synthetic Cryolite for which I am am responsible in our company...
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    production process

    Hi, I am searching for production of polypropylene thread using a needle felting method. I would like to know what components and how much are needed to produce polypropylene (how much) and what are the emissions related to that. However, I couldn't find any information. Also if you can guide...
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    Carbon Fibre Production

    If captured CO2 were broken down into its constituent parts can the carbon be used to make carbon fibre/carbon nantoubes? if so how?
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    Chemical Reaction for Gamma Production of Iodine:

    Hello, It's me again! Here is another question I am struggling with on my study guide: Write a chemical reaction for the gamma production of Iodine-131. This is how I solved below. But I'm not sure if this is correct. We went over all of the other types of chemical reaction balances in class...