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    What are the chemical and physical properties of Vegetable oil (preferably canola oil

    I am doing some simulations as part of my project in ANSYS CFD and I need to input chemical properties like STANDARD STATE ENTHALPY and MOLECULAR WEIGHT of vegetable oil. Can anyone help me with those values? Thanks in advance.
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    AQUA AMMONIA PROPERTIES - please help me....

    Dear Friends, I need the properties values of Ammonium Hydroxide(Aqua Ammonia) at the pressure of 20 bar & temperature of 110 degree Celsius. I am an engineering background research scholar and I don't know how to get the property values like Prandtl number, density, dynamic viscosity of...
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    PHENOL (carbolic acid) PROJECT HELP

    Hi I am doing PHENOL for a project and related it to a product called carbolic soap. Can Someone help me explain how it's used in Carbolic soap and what properties of PHENOL make it a good molecule to use in Carbolic soap. I know ITS A DISINFECTANT but how does phenol's structure play a role in...
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    Experimental tester for pharmacological properties of phenethylamines and triptamines

    I am in Los Angeles...around UCLA and I m looking for anyone that is willing to and has the ability to synthesize phenethylamines and triptamines for me to test and experiment with...we would essentially be breaking down the 2c families and compounding different components of different compounds...
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    soap properties

    I just wanted to produce a hard soap. On what ingredient does the hardness of soap depends?
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    Acid-Base properties of salt solution

    I am having a hard time determining this topic.... the conjugate acid/base of wek acid/base will change the solution pH, but a lot of time I am just so confused... here is examples: please explain these to me, thank you! NaOCl NH4Cl Ca(NO3)2
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    Colligative Properties. Need help, badly :S

    I badly need help on answering these... Prof gave us some examples but nothing like these one's :-\ Freezing Point Depression: List the following aqueous solutions in order of decreasing freezing point: 0.075m Glucose; 0.085m LiBr; 0.030m Zn(NO3)2 Vapor Pressure Lowering: 1. The...
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    Properties of Weak Bases

    I'm so confused about this! My textbook seems to be contradicting itself. First it says that the conjugate bases of strong acids are weak bases, and vice versa, but then it says that some example of weak bases include the anions of WEAK acids. That doesn't make sense. Help!
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    Chemistry- Physical Properties

    A test tube containing a mixture of compounds X, Y, and a small amount of Z weighs 25.4886 g. The tube is emptied into a beaker and the empty tube is reweighed, giving a value of 10.2586 g. The mixture is separated into two components by dissolving in water, filtering off the insoluble material...
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    Question on Colligative Properties

    Using the values in the table, calculate the change in boiling point and change in freezing point for the solution when compared to pure water. Table Property Pure water dilute NaCl solution (aqueous) vapor pressure at 25degrees C 23.8 torr...
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    Colligative Properties??

    I need help on this question.. I'm having a hard time understanding Chemistry lately. In a mountainous location, the boiling point of pure water is found to be 95'C. How many grams of sodium chloride must be added to 1 kg of water to bring the boiling point back to 100'C? Assume that i=2...