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    Atomic Structure

    Hi everyone! So we were given a hand out on atomic structure which is fairly straight forward to me for the most part however I am getting hung up on the one question and wondered if anyone might be able to help? We were asked to fill out a table with the atomic symbol, atomic number, mass...
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    Proton NMR spectra

    Hello, I need help with this practice problem. I have attached an image of the page. Can someone tell where to start this and how to read the DEPT chart. I am really confused. Thank you.
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    Proton NMR interpretation

    Hi guys, I'm trying to work our the structure of two compounds as practice for an up coming test. The first has the molecular formula C5H9ClO2. The IR spectrum shows a strong absorption at 1725 cm-1. I've found the following signals: a. 3.3 ppm, singlet, integration of 3 b. 3.0 ppm...