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    What material shrinks after gamma radiation?

    Does any material shrink significantly after gamma radiation? Some polymer materials shrink at elevated temperature. Do polymer materials exist that do the same during gamma irradiation?
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    regarding textbook

    how to read textbook of chemistry
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    Electromagnetic Radiation Calculations

    Hey everyone, I am having trouble with electromagnetic radiation calculations, and am looking for some help. I know how to do the basic which would be something like: Given a wave with v=6.0x10^14Hz. Find the wavelength of the wave. Now, I need help with a two step problem. So something along...
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    Complete the following nuclear reaction?

    Give both the mass and atomic numbers for all of ALL isotopes, and give the nuclear symbol for the radioactivity emitted: 214Po---> ___________ + a a= alpha ALSO! Discuss the relative health danger and ease (or difficulty) of shielding the nuclear radiation in the above nuclear reaction.