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    Limiting Reactant and Yield

    Incomplete combustion of the fuel in a poorly tuned engine can produce toxic carbon monoxide along with the usual carbon dioxide and water. In a test of an off-road motor-cycle engine, 1,00 L of octane(of mass 702g) is burned and it was found that 1,84 kg of carbon dioxide is produced. What is...
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    Reactant amounts changing products?

    How does changing the amounts of reactants in a chemical reaction change the chemical compositions of the products?
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    How do reactant proportions affect the products of a chemical reaction?

    Is it correct that if you alter the proportions of the reactants of many chemical reactions, especially step-wise, the products will change? Here is an example, please tell me if it is right or not: KOH + H2SO4 ==> KHSO4 + H2O 2KOH + H2SO4 ==> K2SO4 + 2H2O
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    I have tried so hard to wrap my head around this problem but no matter how I seem to approach it I can't solve it. The question is: If a reaction rate increases by a factor of 16 when a reactant is quadrupled, what is the order of the reaction with respect to this reactant? That is all the...
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    Calculating Kc for equilibrium?

    Given the chemical equilibrium: H2 + ½ S2 ⇌ H2S If the amounts of H2, S2, & H2S at equilibrium are 2, 1 & 3 moles respectively in a 10.0L flask, calculate Kc for the reaction. Write the expression for Kc for the production of 4 moles of H2. ----------------------------- The way I...
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    Stoichiometric Virtual Lab Help?

    Hey, I'm new here! Anyway, I'm doing a virtual chemistry lab on stoichiometric. I have completed the actual experiment; what I'm stuck on are the questions. Here is one of the questions: Below is the balanced equation for the reaction. Review the results of your...
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    Help with grams of reactant...

    A solution of 150.0 ml of 0.300 M NaOH is mixed with a solution of 200.0 mL of 0.150 M H2SO4. write a balanced equation and a net ionic reaction. what is the net ionic product? how many grams of net ionic product form? how many grams of the excess reactant is left (in the solution) I...
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    Percent yield, and mass of excess reactant. Help.

    Ok so the question goes: 15.825 g of nickel (iii) oxide and 4.734 g aluminum metal are heated to produce nickel metal and 2.85 g aluminum oxide. What percent yield of aluminum oxide? What is the mass of the excess reactant that remains unreacted so far i got the chemical formula which i...
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    Knowing if reactant has reacted

    WHen 7g of iron reacts with 4g of sulphur, 11g of iron (ii) sulphide is produced. what will be produced if 21gram of iron is reacted with 21 gram of sulphur? A) 33g of iron (II) sulphide and 9G of unchanged iron B) 33g of iron (II) sulphide and 9g of unchanged sulphur C) 33g of iron (II)...