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    Please help with calculating limiting reagent?

    I did an experiment in which I added 0.2116 mols acetic anhydride to 0.0222 mols glucose to form 0.0178 mols glucose pentaacetate. I am attempting to calculate the limiting reagent, but I can't balance the equation properly! What I get is: 15 C4H6O3 + -2 C6H12O6 = 3 C16H22O11 How am I...
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    Limiting Reagent Help

    Hello everyone, Please look at snapshot of problem that I saved in this link: ^^ You'll probably have to view original to see it in larger size by clicking on icon on bottom right with the 3 dots (...). I did this problem and got the...
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    Equations and observations and limiting reagent

    two more questions That i want to check if I have completed correctly. This one I belive my observations could be a bit better any suggestions? I just want to check if I haven't made any silly mistakes in this question
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    Help me calculate how much reagent I need

    A reagent has a density of 1.41 g/ml and contains 71% nitric acid by weight and 29% H2O. What volume of reagent would you need to get 12.5 g of nitric acid for the reaction? The answer in the key is 12.5, but I'm not sure how to get there?