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    Unknown Redox reaction.

    Hey guys. I have a practical question. In my spare times i work on japanese blades as a hobby. I use natural japanese whetstones on carbon steel blades. These stones have some unique properties in the sense that they are the finest natural sharpening stones but they also have a strange...
  2. R

    balancing redox reaction

    balance redox reaction $MnO_4^- + C_2O_4^{2-} + H^+ ==== MN^{+2} +CO_2 +H_2O$ i am not able to balance the charges in the end
  3. G

    Redox Half Cell System Question Help

    The answer to this question is E C D, from top to bottom, but I don't know why. Can someone explain?
  4. O

    Anyone can help with this REDOX?

    Under what conditions does hydrogen peroxide oxidise aqueous cobalt ions from the +2 to the +3 state according to these standard electrode potentials? [Co(NH3)6]3+(aq) + e− ⇌ [Co(NH3)6]2+(aq) Eᵒ = + 0.10 V H2O2(aq) + 2H+(aq) + 2e− ⇌ 2H2O(l)...
  5. C

    How to predict reaction rate of catalytic redox of hydrogen

    In a fuel cell hydrogen is split into protons and electrons catalytically, usually with platinum. If hydrogen fuel is flowing over the catalyst, how can I predict the number of reactions that will occur? I'm most interested in how it depends on the surface area of the contact between the...
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    State what has been oxidised and what has been reduced in the following reactions d) IO3-(aq) + 5I-(aq) + 6H+(aq)  3I2(aq) + 3H2O(l) - iodine oxidized as it moved from -1 to 0? i think oxygen is reduced but i'm not sure e) 2CrO42-(aq) + 2H+(aq)  Cr2O72-(aq) + H2O(l) -i'm not sure for...
  7. C

    Ionize Iron powder/filing

    Hi all, I am searching for an effective way to obtain electrically charged iron powder grain. I thought that one way could be ionizing the grain with a REDOX. Is that possible? Are there references to read how such process can be performed in safety? You have in mind other ways to leave the...
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    REDOX and Iodometry help!

    (sorry no subscript/superscript!) We completed a redox titration of Iodine (formed from 1M Potassium Iodide (KI), 0.1M Potassium Iodate (KIO3) and excess Hydrochloric acid (KCl) against Sodium thiosufate (Nas2O3) It took 25.8cm3 of 0.1 M Nas2O3 to get rid of the formed Iodine. The question...
  9. S

    Redox Equation - Chlorate Ion

    Dear Colleagues, I have been attempting to balance the redox oxidation of the chlorate ion to the perchlorate ion, but I cannot balance it correctly - any help would be appreciated with both balancing the equation and the no of charges on both sides of the equation ( using H and H2O atoms )...
  10. M

    Quick Question about Redox Reaction

    Write a balanced equation for the following reaction: Hydrobromic acid is added to tin metal I know hydrogen can oxidize Tin, so a reaction will occur but my question is how do you know what tin ion will result (how many electrons Sn will give away). I know Sn(II) and Sn(IV) can both exist...
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    Balance Redox reactions

    Cr2O7^-2 + NO -> Cr^+3 +NO3^-1 identify two half reactions One of the steps i have problem is for Cr2 charge Cr2 +(-2)7 =-2 Cr2 = 12 so Cr = 6? and so how many electrons gained 12-3= 9 electrons or 6-3= 3 electrons Cr2O7^-2 -> Cr^+3 NO -> NO3^-1 Balance all elements except hydrogen and...
  12. J

    Redox Reactions

    I need help complete reactions. I do not know how to fill in the right side of the reaction. Ex. 2Mg + Osubscript 2 arrow ??????????
  13. B

    Is this redox reaction balanced correctly?

    The question says to balance this using the half reaction method but doesn't say if it is an acid or base. MnO4(1-) + I2 + H(1+) - - > MnO2 + IO3(1-) What do I do with the h? I have ever seen an h just on one side like that. Do I ignore it? Without using it I got this: 2H2O + 10MnO4(1-)...
  14. C

    redox titration question 2

    another redox question: the concentration of SO2 in a sample of wine is to be determined by titration with an aqueous solution of tri-iodide ions (I3-). Relevant half equations are: SO2+2H20 -> SO4^2- + 4H+ + 2e- and I3- + 2e- -> 3I- 50.0mL of a 0.0125 mol L-1 solution of I3- (in form of...
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    redox titration!!

    hi guys, can someone please help me with the following question? would really appreciate it. thank you!:) Tina dissolved 3.36g of steel wool in excess sulfuric acid solution, filtered the resulting iron (ii) sulfate solution and made up the filtrate to 500.0mL with distilled water. in a...
  16. B

    simple redox chemistry question

    question: I don't get it why isn't the answer just -0.68V, as it is the reverse reaction of the reduction of O2 to H2O2 which is the oxidation of H2O2 to O2 which is what the question wants?
  17. L

    How do I determine the molarity of an unknown from a redox titration?

    I titrated 10.00mL of 0.2 Molar (COOH)2 with 12.31mL of KMnO4. How would I determine the molarity of KMnO4? Balanced Net Ionic Equation (determined from half reactions) 2MnO4- + 6H+ + 5(COOH)2 ----> 10CO2 + 2Mn2+ + 8H2O Originally I tried doing it like this (below), but I don't feel too...
  18. S

    Redox reaction software without half-reactions

    Does anyone know if there's any chemical software that deals with solving redox reaction in any different way other than through half-reactions? I'm particulary interested in the method of arrow linking the atoms that change their oxidation state (as shown in the picture). Thank you.
  19. magnesia

    Redox and Gibbs Energy Change

    Hi! I have another question about redox reactions. At 298 K, hypobromous acid (HBrO) dissociates in water with a Ka of 2.3e-09. (a) Calculate capital deltaG° for the dissociation of HBrO. (Use Ka to calculate the answer.) 1Your answer is incorrect. Your response is off by a multiple of ten...
  20. L

    Balancing Redox Equations

    Hi I have a few redox equations that I have trouble solving. Here are the redox equations (below): 1. NO2---->NO3^-3 + NO 2(H2O + NO2 ---> NO3^-3 + NO + 2H^+1) 2H + NO2 ----> NO + H2O 2. H2O2 + Cr^3+ ----> Cr2O7^2- I've written the half-equations for both, but I still don't understand...