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    Purchase Dopamine

    Hello, I am currently doing research into the effects of different chemicals into the safe breakdown of dopamine. I've done the research and am ready to begin experimenting, but I keep running into the same problem. I can't find anywhere to buy a good, reliable dopamine substance to use for my...
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    Can you help me with these problems?

    Hi everyone,I just wanted to ask if you can help me with some of the problems that I have for homework.Although they are simple to most people, to me and some of my classmates , they are not, primarily because of our teacher.Thank you in advance. 1.How many moles of Calcium chloride hexahydrate...
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    Nine questions on Vet Tech school booklet

    I have been trying to get into veterinary technology school for a few months now, I recently graduated with an English degree, but I wanted to pursue a career with animals. I never had proper instruction with Chemistry, however. In high school we went through three different teachers in the same...