1. J

    Galvanic series

    Evening all I have a question. We did a electrochemical series experiment today for different metals. We recorded the potential difference (both positive and negative values) One question i need to find out for class is to produce a galvanic series, with steel being the reference material...
  2. C

    HP HPLC 1050 Series

    I am an undergraduate student whom is refurbishing an HP HPLC 1050 Series and am in need of some parts! If you have any parts for this instrument or any information of where I could find some, please let me know! Thank you
  3. kamigreed

    Series Of Chemistry Problems

    Hi guys, I am new to this forum and I was hoping if you guys can help me out with these questions I have tried but I am unsure whether they are correct or not. These are questions to practice for my upcoming examinations so I am hoping to score well for it since I do not perform well enough...
  4. M

    TV Series DVD Box set- Star Trek Enterprise Seasons 1-4 The Golden Girls Seasons 1-7

    TV Series DVD Box set- Star Trek Enterprise Seasons 1-4 The Golden Girls Seasons 1-7 Star Trek The Original Series Seasons 1-3 Rules of Engagement Seasons 1-4 The Celebrity Apprentice Seasons 1-12 star trek enterprise seasons 1-4 dvd Plot: Enterprise is on its way to explore the giant Arachnid...
  5. C

    Activity Series explanation in terms of Electronic Configuration

    Does anyone know of an explanation for the order of the activity series in terms of electron configuration? (Particularly for Pb, Cu, Zn and Mg) Does one exist? The student I'm working with has not yet reviewed reduction potentials in class. So explaining in terms of experimentally determined...
  6. G

    A series of calibration standards

    Hi guys , I am stuck on this question and need your help. basically the question is a 'fill in the blanks table' but I cannot post it on here properly. It is about making a series of calibration standards as the title says, for a urea assay. They have given me the urea concentration...