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    Why does ZnS doped Ag turn yellow?

    I've been trying to pour a 20ml 0.4M solution of SIlver nitrate into a zinc nitrate solution, but its turning yellowish brown instantly. Why would this happen? I've even changed bottles to prevent contamination, but its still yelllowing out? :confused::confused::confused:
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    non cyanide silver plating (ammonium thiocyanate?). help!

    Hi, I'm an artist, so no silver plating or chemistry background. I would like to ask for help please to able to start silver plating at home. I would like to use those formulas, which is not using cyanide! I was reading about this on the internet and I could find a few article and...
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    Will Silver Bromide react with Paradichlorobenzene?

    I need to find a solution that will react with paradichlorobenzene that will form a precipitate, or result in a change in pH, so that I can measure the rate of reaction. I am wondering if silver bromide will react with the paradichlorobenzene to form paradibromobenzene and silver chloride...