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    Question about ammonia and TAN for a small experiment

    Hello! I am trying to set up a small experiment for my class but I am stuck on a problem. We have three saltwater tanks, with the following measurements: The first tank will have a pH of 7.5, an NH3 level of 0.06 mg/L, and a TAN (total ammonia nitrogen) level of 20. Just NH3 is added. The...
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    how to create a small static energy at home

    hi Forumers, i have a small doubt on static energy.can we create a static energy with any chemicals.if anyone knows please tell me
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    determine small amount methanol in solutions

    i like homebrewing but i don't know how to realize my homemade alcohol is safe even existing small volume of methanol has high risk to make someone blind i have tested my alcohol with red litmus paper but methanol and ethanol bout of them make it blue so this not good method. i added dicromate...