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    Question about solubility

    Hello, I've been stuck on a question for a while now, and I would like to have someone else look at it. The question is: "Sodium carbonate is added in small quantities to a solution containing Ni^2+ ions with a molar concentration of 0.1 and Cu^2+ ions with a molar concentration of 0.1...
  2. R

    CO2 solubility and temperature change and climate

    I am a cycles researcher. There are cycles in climate. There are correlations between atmospheric CO2 and temperature. The connection is not as many people make out. I am not a chemist although I did some chemistry study a very long time ago. I have been researching the relationship between...
  3. C

    Finding solubility constants in a titration

    For a lab we are doing in class, we were given this data: Mass of Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate: 0.10g (this was in the Erlenmeyer flask) Volume of Water: 50 mL (also in the Erlenmeyer flask) Volume of Calcium Hydroxide Used to Titrate: Trial 1-162.80mL, Trial 2-190mL, Trial 3-163.10 mL...
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    Hi, I planned to use carboxymethyl chitosan in cosmetic formulation. From literature studies, I came to know that Carboxymethyl chitosan is water soluble. But 0.5% carboxymethyl chitosan solution (0.5 gram in 100 ml of water) was not completely dissolved. Also I heated the solution and stirred...
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    A colleague and I are lab partners and are having some issues with solubility. The book provided to us does not cover how to solve the problems we were given. This assignment was also not assigned in enough time to receive tutoring on the topic. Does anyone know the rules of...
  6. U

    Measuring the solubility of a substance

    So my chem teacher does this thing where he gives us questions on subject matter that he has yet to teach, so I’m a bit confused on these questions. Questions like, for example, what is the solubility of the given substances at 50 degrees Celsius, what is the minimum temperature required to...
  7. C

    Henderson Hasselbalch solubility equation to find s0

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what steps they are following to get a final answer of 1 x 10-6 for s0 ? Any help appreciated Thanks
  8. P

    Solubility and concentration

    Hi :) I am confused on what formulas to use when answering questions like these: 1. A sample of pond water contained 88.00 µg g−1 of dissolved oxygen gas. Calculate the amount in grams of dissolved oxygen in 4.00 L of pond water. 2. A desirable level of dissolved oxygen in river water is 8...
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    Solubility and Partition Coefficients

    I did an experiment on partition coefficients using a separatory funnel. If I try to calculate the partition coefficient of ethanoic acid in water and heptane, will ethanoic acid be more soluble in water or heptane? / Would the molecules of ethanoic acid go more in the water or the heptane? I...
  10. M

    Solubility of Silicic Acid

    The question I have is what is the difference between these two forms of silicic acid. Looking at the chemical formula, one can see one is in hydrated form and the other one has water, but not explicitly mentioned in the formula, it just says hydrate. But the molecular weight is different, for...
  11. S

    Combined Salt System Solubility

    Hey Guys! Currently working on a water management project for a gas field and our project partner is asking about the possibility of salt precipitations in the underground. How do I calculate the solubility of salts in water under low T, high p conditions and (especially) in the presence of...
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    Kinetin solubility issue

    Hi friends I am new to this forum, I have a problem with kinetin solubility. As per the info it is soluble in koh and naoh, I tried to solubalize it in koh but it does not dissolve completely, Need suggestions Thanks
  13. B

    Prediction of Solubility using Organic solvents

    Whenever I have a stain (paint, glue etc), I attempt removing it after the following scheme (if unsuccessful, I proceed to the next solvent): Water, soapy water, alcohol, white spirit, acetone. My question is.......... Is it possible to chemically PREDICT which solvent will be succesqsful on...
  14. N

    Solubility of Ammonium Chloride

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with an inquiry. I'm trying to find out the solubilty of Ammonium Chloride in different Alcohols and Solvents. I know that Am.Cl is very soluble in water at a rate of 294 g/L (0 °C) to 740.8 g/L (100 °C). Apparently soluble in Acetone, but I havnt been...
  15. G

    Copper Salicylate/Cupric Salicylate solubility problem

    Hi all, I'm having a few problems getting my copper salicylate to dissolve properly. All my preliminary research said that the powder form is soluble in water. However upon my inital testing i found that although some did dissolve it left large amounts of sediment. I tried vortexing the mixture...
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    Solubility Product of Mg(OH)2?

    I just did a lab where we added .9833M NaOH to .01000L of ~1M MgCl2 (diluted in .05000L of water) and plotted the changes in pH. At equivalence point I got .02000L of NaOH added and a pH of 11.11 and at half-equivalence point I got .01000L and a pH of 9.94. The purpose is to calculate the...
  17. aze

    Question about the common ion effect

    A bit of theory to refresh your mind about the solubility product: Ks = the given solubility constant example: Ks = [Pb2+].[I-]^2 7,1*10^(-3) = [Pb2+].[I-]^2 -> The solubility of this compound is then: S= (Ks/4)^1/3 = 1,2 mol/L Now my question: What is the solubility of Ag2SO4 (Ks...
  18. J

    Solvents for PVC

    I am a biotech graduate and for research work need to find a way to create a mixture of poly vinyl chloride and agar. I have the pvc in powder form, I probably need to emulsify it in an appropriate organic solvent. Which solvents could be used as a solvent for pvc? Any help would be appreciated...
  19. Y

    solubility issues

    Hey everyone. I have extracted a phyto phenol in ethanol. the phenol is hydrophobic ( C21H30O2 ). is it possible to enhance the polarity of ethanol with added water, thus reducing miscibility of the phenol, and than to shake the water/ethanol solvent with vegetable oil in order to move the...
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    Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate Solubility Curve

    Hello all, I'm new on this forum, so forgive me if I'm posting it in wrong section. Also, I'm from Brazil, sorry for my bad english. I need the magnesium sulfate heptahydrate solubility curve, to make some mass balances. Can someone post it please? I will be grateful.