solution stoichiometry

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    Molarity and Number of moles please help..what to do next?

    The question goes like this: 10.0ml of a 0.1M K2Cr207 solution is added to 10.0ml of a 0.1M Pb(NO3)2 solution. What mass of PbCr207 is formed?? 0.1 = number and of moles of K2Cr207 divided by 0.01L, and number of moles is given mass divided by 294g/mol (molar mass), which gives 2.94g and with...
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    Chemistry Molarity question, can you answer this??

    Equal Volumes of 0.5M H2S04 and 0.4M KOH are mixed. Calculate the molarity of each ion present in the final solution. since the volumes are equal, we can assume that its 1000ml (1L) so the mass of H2SO4 becomes 49g and KOH becomes 28.5g since number of moles equals given mass/molar mass. Now...