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    Recommended Solvent for removal of Silicone residue from Molded Polyurethane parts.

    I am using a release agent for polyurethane resin moulded parts. The release agent is a solution of silicone (oil?) in Heptane, Petroleum Naptha and an Aliphatic Solvent. Could someone...
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    solvents suitable for recrystallising naphthalene or maleic anhydride?

    Would either of the solvents (ethanol or chloroform) used in the solubility experiment be suitable for recrystallising naphthalene or maleic anhydride? If so, which, and why?
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    Ionic strength in organic solvent?

    Can a solution of an organic solvent have ionic strength when there's a salt such as aliquat 336 dissolved in it?
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    Is IsoPropyl Alcohol a good solvent for Vitamins A, D and E

    Hi there, I'm new here, I have a simple question. Is IsoPropyl Alcohol a good solvent for vitamin A?? Is IsoPropyl Alcohol a good solvent for Vitamin D?? And is IsoPropyl Alcohol a good solvent for Vitamin E?? I dont like working with ethyl alcohol because you need a license to purchase. I'm...
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    A practical solvent dilemma

    I'll consider this a high-school level inquiry because my "vast" *g* chemistry background was neither put to regular use nor has been recalled to mind several decades later. So... please have some patience. TIA. The issue: I bought a small amount of gold leaf paint that is Xylene...
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    Please help with these solution problems

    1.) If i make a solution by adding 83grams of sodium hydroxide to 750 mL of water.. a) what is the molality of NAOH in this solution? b) what is the percent by mass of NAOH in this solution? C) what is the mole fraction of NAOH 2) Explain how you would make 450 mL of a 0.25M Calcium chloride...
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    Solute and solvent?

    I'm having difficulty coming up with the solute and solvent for the following solutions: rainwater 14-karat gold in jewellery Help would be really appreciated.:)
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    correct solvent for testosterone propionate and estadiol benzoate column chrom.

    help! i think i used the wrong solvent in my first experiment! the isopropyl alchohol didnt fully dissolve my vacuum filtrate of testosterone propionate and estradiol benzoate mixture. i need to run a column and would love to know what is the proper solvent so i dont have to purchase a bunch of...
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    Finding Grams of Solvent

    I have a chemistry exam tomorrow, and while I was studying I came across a problem that was unknown to me. A solution has a density of 1.18 g/mL and a volume of 625 mL. The solution contains 30.0 grams of CaCl2. How many grams of solvent are present? I have found the molarity of the solution...
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    Suggest a suitable solvent for the dilution of ethanol. (solvent is not water since it reacts with ethanol to form an acid, earlier parts of the question involves sodium as one of the reagents. I need a solvent which doesnt reacts with ethanol)