1. N

    solvents suitable for recrystallising naphthalene or maleic anhydride?

    Would either of the solvents (ethanol or chloroform) used in the solubility experiment be suitable for recrystallising naphthalene or maleic anhydride? If so, which, and why?
  2. C

    Schmidt reaction - advice on solvents

    The question is about the chemistry of the carbon-carbon bond. My friend and I want to try a Schmidt reaction starting with an alkyl carboxylic acid and converting to an intermediate azide then hydrolysis of this via an intermediate isocyanate to the corresponding primary amine. This is the...
  3. B

    Prediction of Solubility using Organic solvents

    Whenever I have a stain (paint, glue etc), I attempt removing it after the following scheme (if unsuccessful, I proceed to the next solvent): Water, soapy water, alcohol, white spirit, acetone. My question is.......... Is it possible to chemically PREDICT which solvent will be succesqsful on...
  4. knicknack57

    Evaporation rates solvents

    HEllo IM Looking for a sanity check on this calculation all comments welcome message m e if you want the excel file Theoretical build up of vapours in head space in storage tank Volume build up of vapour by evaporation Tank volume Width depth...
  5. J

    Solvents for PVC

    I am a biotech graduate and for research work need to find a way to create a mixture of poly vinyl chloride and agar. I have the pvc in powder form, I probably need to emulsify it in an appropriate organic solvent. Which solvents could be used as a solvent for pvc? Any help would be appreciated...
  6. G

    Inorganic Solvents

    Does there exist any other inorganic solvent apart from water???
  7. L

    Do maths on solvents for CO2

    I want to do the maths to work out what approximate temperature and pressure is the balance point a alkaline and alkaline earth metals will become a solvent for CO2. Some metals will be hydrated as I'm thinking of a recirculating process. But I have no idea how to create the formula. I'm...