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    Fluorine Peak Height Difference on Mass Spec

    I have these three compounds with a Fluorine attached to different carbons. If you look at the chromatograph, two of the Fluorine peaks (the 213) are relatively the same size, however one of the compounds the fluorine does not come off as readily (3-fluoro-AMB). I've been researching on why this...
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    Atomic Spec

    1. Calculate the frequency of the red spectral line of hydrogen with a wavelength of 656 nm. 2. Determine the value of 1/λ, with λ in meters, for the red spectral line above. 3. Determine the value of the transition from n = 5 to n =2. (Don’t determine the energy of the photon, just the value...
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    Vibrational spec. General Q.

    Chemistry: In vibrational spectroscopy, to find the Vmax you use the equation Vmax= 1/2(Xe-1) I have an example of this done out from lectures where i get. Vmax = 1/2(0.0179-1) = 26 On looking over this and putting it into my calculator the answer the calculator gives is not 26, is there...