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    Balmer spectrum

    Which transition in the hydrogen atom corresponds to the wavelength of the Balmer series of the He+ spectrum (consider that the ion electron is initially at level 4)
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    urgent: help needed with analyzing a spectrum

    so for the course spectroscopic methods, we had to make a H-NMR, IR and UV-vis, and we got a COSY and a C-NMR the deadline is monday these are the spectra (sorry idk how to embed if it is possible to embed): IR: https://puu.sh/w0L7Q/1a7bd4d9f6.png H-NMR (+zooms)...
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    Spectrum Calibration

    Hi, I need some help to calibrate argon spectrum. I have a MicroLab Spectrometer (Model 141) to obtain spectral images of argon plasma. To calibrate the spectral images, I need a reference of known wavelength. Usually, a discharge tube is used to obtain the reference spectrum. However, I...
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    Integration values of NMR aren't integers

    I am looking at a proton NMR spectrum with three integration values, one of which is an integer and two of which are not. The non-integer values do not look very "friendly" - I have tried multiplying them by a guesswork to see if anything jumps out at me but nothing has worked. What methods do...
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    H NMR spectrum

    Hey fellow chemistry forumers I just need a little bit of help regarding an H-NMR question: THe first part of the question asked me to draw the 5 constitutional isomers of a particular carboxylic acid. It has a molecular formula of C10H12O2. I was able to come up with the 5 constitutional...
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    Spectroscopy: NMR Spectrum

    Hello, I really need help on a practice problem. I have attached the question and the image on this thread. I don't understand the patterns on how to draw the structure of my compound at all. Please help! Thank you!
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    Photoelectron Spectrum Help

    Hi, this for a lab. I'm having trouble understanding the PES and what is represents and would appreciate an explanation because I could not find a thorough one online. I have trouble getting an answer for this question What is interesting about the photoelectron spectrum for hydrogen and the...
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    IR Spectrum

    Hello, I have a few questions to ask...about my homework assignment. If anyone could help that would be great!! So the question that my assignment says that i have to assign as many peaks as possible with bond type or functional group for the IR Spectrum of C9H12O1