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    Solution Stability

    I am hoping to bring a product to market based on the work of researcher H. Y. Mohan Ram. I am happy to provide a link to Ram’s work if need be. The Formula: Part A: .5 grams silver nitrate is stirred into 500ml. distilled water Part B: 2.5 grams sodium thiosulfate (anhydrous) is stirred into...
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    Atoms and Ions and Stability

    Hello Please disapprove me if I am wrong (which I think I am ) If an atom is stable when the electrons = protons, I assume Na is stable but Na^+ is also stable because it fulfilled the octet rule even though it has 10 electron and 11 protons ? " I haven't learned about Stability yet, so...
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    Stability of Carbonyl Complexes.

    The question is: Why is V(CO)6 stable but Pt(CO)4 and Zn(CO)4 are unstable? As far as I can see V complex is 17e and Pt complex 18e which would imply the opposite stabilities. For the Zn complex I have some ideas. It has an s2d10 config and d orbitals contract quickly across TM period...
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    stability concept

    what is the order of stability of following elements and what is the concept used?? CN-, CN, CN+, CN++
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    Na or Na+ (stability) help!

    Na is more stable or Na+? I think there is a paradox here ... please don't say that Na+ is more stable because it reaches the octet (Ne)...I know these I just need you to explain why my explanation below is not correct and disprove it: Na is more stable than Na+ because we should give it the...