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    Crystal structures

    someone to kindly help me with this question. i have manged part (a) and i cant figure out the part be of the question Beta crystoballite is having a three dimensional crystalline structure. if the radii of the cation and anion are 0.41 and 1.40 respectively; a) which crystal structure does it...
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    Organic chemistry questions, so confused.

    I'm taking organic chemistry online and it's such a struggle. The Powerpoints show examples only of problems with no explanation and I am having a hard time. I am on unit 4 out of 5 so I'm almost done but I'm so confused about a few things: 1. I was asking to draw...
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    How many resonance structures?

    I'm trying to figure out all of the resonance structures of this thing. I've found only one: Are there others?
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    Crystal structures

    I thought this question was to do with the R+/R- ratio but it doesn't seem to quite work out when I do it. Is it because the radii are for 6 coordinate? Thanks.
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    Identify these structures?

    I don't know what they are called or how to identify them, can you help me?
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    Resonance structures

    How would I draw the best resonance structure that has atoms with formal charges in the question below? Draw the lowest energy alternative resonance structure for this compound. In this particular problem, draw the best resonance structure that has atoms with formal charges. Please see image...