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    Is this sugar formula

    Hello What is this sugar formula is this correct
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    Sticky Situation (Why doesn't sugar recrystallize ?)

    Hello everyone My Name is Zack, I am new to chemistry but I will be starting a chemistry course in a couple of months. I have some basic books and I am doing some simple experiments. I am now on to crystallization and dissolving large amounts of a solid and then trying to get it to...
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    Percent mass sugar in water

    Hi, If I put 2.00g of sugar in 50.0mL of water, what is my percent mass sugar? Is it just 4.00%, or do I need to do some calculations to the water data. Thanks so much in advance.
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    Sugar crystals formation temperature?

    Hello, I am a graduate of physics and just got the chance to work with some professors on a project about growth of a sugar monocrystal. Since I have also just started a new job from 8:00 to 18:00 I am unable to go to my university and consult with professors or request a book from the library...