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    Using D2h character table to find Vibrational modes of CO2

    This is the worksheet I have to do...the only example we have done was one for H2O which was pretty simple. My confusion now is that we are using the irrep and character table for D2H which we have never done. The book is not very helpful as it uses different terminology than we used in class...
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    Organic Chemistry: Inductive effect vs Mesomeric Effect

    I was asked to build a table featuring EWG and EDG of common functional groups , arranging them by its "power". First a table of decreasing Inductive effect; secondly a table of decreasing mesomeric effect and at last a table comparing them and defining "decreasing" Electron Withdrawal Power...
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    ICE table question

    The value of Kp for the reaction is 4.3x10^-4 at 648K. Determine the equilibrium partial pressure of NH3 in a reaction vessel that initially contained 0.900 atm N2 and 0.500 atm H2 at 648K. 3H2(g) + N2(g) <----> 2NH3(g) My work: NH3 N2 H2 I 0...
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    Dynamic Periodic Table

    This is most certainly the best reference to use. Bookmark it! PNG VERSION: PDF VERSION: