1. R

    CO2 solubility and temperature change and climate

    I am a cycles researcher. There are cycles in climate. There are correlations between atmospheric CO2 and temperature. The connection is not as many people make out. I am not a chemist although I did some chemistry study a very long time ago. I have been researching the relationship between...
  2. Sammy

    Temperature conversions

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble figuring out what the rules are for determining the right amount of significant figures in the final result of a temperature conversion. In the problems I did they didn't seem to follow the regular rules of sig figs, what am I missing? Thanks!
  3. W

    Catalase and temperature

    Hey! I'm writing a lab report where we're trying to find out what catalase's optimum environment and temperature is (we used catalase in the form of chicken liver). We let the chicken liver react with 5ml of H2O2 and measured the volume of the produced oxygen 2 minutes after the H2O2 came in...
  4. G

    How to calculate final temperature question.

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I am not pretty sure about the answer i got so i came to here in order to get help. Iceman, a member of the Marvel superhero team known as the X-men,enters a friendly duel with the Human Torch (Fantastic Four), and gets hit by a fireball worth 562kJ. Ice man is...
  5. U

    Measuring the solubility of a substance

    So my chem teacher does this thing where he gives us questions on subject matter that he has yet to teach, so I’m a bit confused on these questions. Questions like, for example, what is the solubility of the given substances at 50 degrees Celsius, what is the minimum temperature required to...
  6. R

    reflux temperature ?

    I am trying to reproduce a reflux reaction from a paper. I am heating chlorendic anhydride in equimolar triethylamine with 6 hexanoic acid in 15 ml of toluene as solvent in a sealed pressure tube ( qtube). In the paper it says reflux for 8 h in a dean stark apparatus but temperature is not...
  7. H

    Sugar crystals formation temperature?

    Hello, I am a graduate of physics and just got the chance to work with some professors on a project about growth of a sugar monocrystal. Since I have also just started a new job from 8:00 to 18:00 I am unable to go to my university and consult with professors or request a book from the library...
  8. O

    Temperature Question

    Upon re-entry, space shuttles generate extreme heat due to the compression of air immediately in front of the craft. At 100,000 feet above sea level, air pressure is 8.0 torr with a temperature around -45 degrees Celcius. If a shuttle compresses the air immediately in front of it to 51 torr...
  9. I

    Does this reaction have a critical temperature?

    2 CCl4 (g) + O2 (g) --> 2COCl2(g) + 2Cl2(g) Predict the sign of ΔS, as the reaction proceeds to the right: the products have a higher ΔS because there are more mols of gaseous products than reactants. ΔG and ΔH are also positive at room temp. (it's not spontaneous). So does this reaction have...
  10. L

    Variation of temperature versus volume of a fixed amount of gas

    .. at constant pressure. So to prove that volume increases as the temperature is increased in a constant pressure, our book states the activity: Get two vessels filled with cold water and hot water. Insert a bottle covered with an unblown balloon observe the changes. So here it is...
  11. H

    About temperature and pressure change

    the temp of 2 dm^3 of gas was changed from 27 degree celcius to k, while its pressure change from 1 atm to 2 atm. its final vol remain at 2dm^3. How to find k?