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    theoretical rate

    Can anyone please tell me what is the theoretical rate for the reaction between Sodium thiosulphate and Hydrochloric acid. I have to find percentage error using the formulae: measured value - true value _______________________ x 100 true value thanks in advance
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    For daughter extra credit: theoretical skin dye powder, that's safe

    For daughter extra credit: theoretical skin dye powder, that's safe My daughter is in high school in New Zealand. We call high school "form 7" / secondary school / senior school. Neither of us are chemists, so please be gentle. My child is doing a chemistry thought experiment for extra...
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    Theoretical Yield Ni + 2HCl yields NiCl2 + H2

    Hey All, I have the balanced equation of Ni (s) + 2 HCl (aq) -> NiCl2 (aq) + H2 (g) A.) If 12.0 moles of HCl were reacted, how many moles of Ni would be needed such that there was no excess? B.) What is the theoretical yield (in grams) of NiCl2 from reacting 12.0 mol HCl? C.) If 12.0 mol of...
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    Theoretical Yield Please Help!!!

    The reaction of 3.0 mol of hydrogen gas with excess fluorine gas produced hydrogen fluoride gas (20.01 g/mol) as shown in the balanced chemical equation below. Determine the theoretical yield in grams for this reaction. H2(g) + F2(g) → 2HF(g) I know the answer is 120 g but how do you get to...
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    Theoretical Yield and Percentage Yield

    2.5 g of V2O5 was dissolved in 10mL of water, 5mL of H2SO4 and 15mL of ethanol. After being heated on a steam bath the solution was filtered and the filtrate was transferred to a 400mL beaker. 6.2 mL of acetylacetone was added and then the solution was neutralised by 10mL of Na2CO3. The product...
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    Stoichiometry help needed asap!

    52.8kg of sand is reacted w/ 25.8kg of C to produce 22.4kg of pure silicon. Determine the limiting reactant,theoretical yield, and percent yield for this process. I'm not necessarily asking for the answer here, just help as far as setting up the reaction map , it'll be greatly appreciated...
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    Theoretical mass determination help

    What is the theoretical mass of magnesium necessary to form 1 gram of hydrogen based on the following balanced formula: 2HCL+ 4 mg ---> 2mg(subscipt 2)CL + H(subscipt 2) Please show work. I keep getting 48.6 grams?