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    carboxylic acid/koh calculating titration curves

    Hi, I am attempting to calculate various theoretical tittration curves for a strong base weak acid titration: similar to the one in this wiki:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutralization_(chemistry) I don't have any difficulty calculating the inital ph or the pH at/after the equivalence...
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    Back Titration (or Indirect titration) to determine concentration of acetylsalicylic

    MW21 New Members 0 1 post Report post Posted 1 hour ago For school, we performed a back titration involving one brand of aspirin and were told to determine the quantity of acetylsalicylic acid in a single tablet. sodium hydroxide was added in excess then the solution was heated. the excess...
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    Finding solubility constants in a titration

    For a lab we are doing in class, we were given this data: Mass of Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate: 0.10g (this was in the Erlenmeyer flask) Volume of Water: 50 mL (also in the Erlenmeyer flask) Volume of Calcium Hydroxide Used to Titrate: Trial 1-162.80mL, Trial 2-190mL, Trial 3-163.10 mL...
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    Titration and % acidity

    Having a problem working out the below in terms of %acidity not pH. I’ve got a 10ml sample of acetic acid solution and I’ve titration 70ml 0.111M NaPH against it. What is the % acidity of the acetic acid solution? I keep on coming up with 7% but I think that’s wrong. Cheers!
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    How to find pH of a diprotic acid titrated by a strong base

    Given 20.0 mL 0.25 M of H2CO3 (Ka1=6.4x10^-6 and Ka2= 6.9x10^-10) titrated by a 0.50 M solution of NaOH, Identify the following: a) Veq1 and Veq2 = 10 mL and 20 mL respectively b)The pH at the following points: 0ml of added titrant = 2.90 3ml= 4.82 1/2 Veq1 = 5.19 at Veq1 3 mL past Veq1...
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    Fehling titration

    Hello. For my chemistry class, I made simple beer out of malted grains that I heated then cooled. I want to measure the sugar content of my beer with Fehling titration. Different types of sugars can be found in beer, such as maltose, which contain an aldehyde (RCHO) function, therefore, the...
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    pH of titration help?

    These are two titration curves, strong acid-strong base (left) and weak acid-strong base (right) at different concentrations. The only thing I don't understand is why the acid concentration affects the initial pH of a strong acid, but not a weak acid?
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    Titration curve: need help explaining!

    I need help with explaining these two curves. The left, Fig. 11-1(a), is a strong acid, HCl, titrated with a strong base, NaOH. The right, Fig. 11-1(b), is acetic acid titrated with NaOH as well. I understand that for Fig. 11a, the different initial pH for the different concentrations are...
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    Titration question. help

    A 0.2638 g impure sodium carbonate sample is analyzied by titrating the sodium carbonate with the 0.1288 M hydrochloride solution requiring 38.27 mL. The reaction is CO3^2- + 2H^+ --> H2O + CO2 Calculate the percent sodium carbonate in the sample. It will be great if you could help me solve...
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    Titration question! help.

    A 0.2638 g impure sodium carbonate sample is analyzied by titrating the sodium carbonate with the 0.1288 M hydrochloride solution requiring 38.27 mL. The reaction is CO3^2- + 2H^+ --> H2O + CO2 Calculate the percent sodium carbonate in the sample. It will be great if someone help me solve this...
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    Iron tablet titration

    Hello, i am new here and i am having problems with a redox titration lab i would really appreciate if someone can help me see what could explain the flaws of the method i used. In my lab practice i was trying to analyse how much iron there was in an iron tablet compared to the actual value it...
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    measure chlorine content through titration

    does anyone know how to measure chlorine content through titration, or back titration??
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    Titration Of An HCl And H3PO4 Mixture

    It is desired to determine the content of Ca3 (PO4) 2 in a mineral, 0.505 g and was added 50 mL of 0.05 Ma HCl (excess), which leads all the phosphate to phosphoric acid . The resulting solution is then titrated with NaOH 0.04 Ma requiring 13.66 mL to reach the first equivalence point and 16.28...
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    Determination of Vitamin C content in a vegetable

    Hi, I'm just starting my course work for A2 chemistry. It's based on finding the Vitamin C content of a pepper using a titration. I've done a bit of research and I know that I will be using Iodine to react with the ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), using a starch indicator. However the method I found...
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    HELP - titration, graphs, pKa, acids >.<

    In my lab I titrated sodium hydroxide to 3 different types of acids. The first acid was hydrochloric acid, 2nd acid (monoprotic) acetic acid, and the 3rd (polyprotic) maleic acid. I'm told to find the pH at the equivalence points(s) and the pKa. How do I find equivalence points on a graph...
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    Determine amount of base to use for titration?

    I am doing a lab in which I need to use a base with a known concentration (a standard solution that I have to dilute to make a secondary standard) to react with an acid with an unknown concentration. I then have to find the mass of the acid. I am wondering how I am supposed to find what...
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    Titration Lab Report... Please HELP!!! Urgent!!!

    In school we performed a titration lab. The objective was to test a few characteristics of weak acid / strong base titrations and buffer systems. It also was conducted to determine the pH at equivalence, to demonstrate buffer capacity, and to be introduced to the techniques necessary for...
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    Titration problem

    If I have an unknown which has certain concentrations of Carbonate and biCarbonate ions. In addition, I have a ph.ph indicator and methyl orange indicator -First of all, you used the ph.ph to titrate the unknown with HCL then the volume used from HCL (X) is equivalent to titrate half the...
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    Calculating amount of NaOH to raise pH of solution

    I need to get a 5 wt% NaCl solution within the pH range of 6.5 - 7.2 to meet specifications for a test. After initial mixing, the pH of the NaCl solution typically measures around 6. I'm assuming that the slight acidity of the solution is due to carbonic acid, from carbon dioxide in the air...
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    False endpoint : Acid-Base Titration

    Hi all, Hope someone out there can help! :) I work in a manufacturing company where we use sodium hydroxide (caustic) flakes in our reaction process. When tested in the lab (using acid-base titration - H2SO4 and Phenolphthalein as the indicator) the concentration of the caustic flake works...