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    PLEASE HELP! total ionic equation

    Bones are mostly calcium phosphate. Calcium chloride reacts with potassium phosphate to form calcium phosphate and potassium chloride. Determine the total IONIC equation for the reaction stated above WITH PHYSICAL STATES
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    Equilibrium concentrations and total pressure question.

    I understand about 90% of how to do this question. The only problem I'm having is understanding how volume comes into the calculations. My solution manual has it where; 0.186mol / 2.16L to find the initial concentration for H3CON and then volume is not brought into calculations of finding x...
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    Depth of penetration: Attenuated Total Reflectance

    Hi, I am having some trouble calculating the depth of penetration of light at 1725cm-1 in a polymer with refractive index 1.5 at an angle of incidence of 45o. The ATR crystal used is made of KRS-5 and has a refractive index of 2.37 at 1000cm-1. The equation is: dp = λ/{2 pi n1 √(sin2θ –...