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    transition metals question

    question: why C isn't a correct answer? I thought that the only condition for a transition metal ion to be colorless is that the d orbital is completely filled or completely empty? thanks in advance :)
  2. D

    Transition dipole moment calc, group theory

    Hello, I have a problem where I have been asked to consider many of the group theory aspects of benzene such as stabilization energy, MO's with Huckel, vibrational normal modes, and transition dipole moments. This last part is where I'm stuck. The question asks to calculate the transition...
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    Quantum Theory: Determining the delta E and wavelength of an Electron Transition

    Hi, In my chemistry textbook, there is one example of a question where an electron jumps from one energy level to another, and they ask you to calculate the change in energy and the wavelength of the photon. The sample question explains that you use Bohr's equation first to find delta E (Delta...
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    Transition State Theory

    Hello, In regards to the kinetics, I understand that a one step mechanism involving a termolecular elementary reaction is unlikely to occur b/c of the need for all three reactants to successfully collide with enough energy to surpasses the activation energy (where the kinetic energy of the...