1. H

    Partition Coefficient (Urgent)

    Hello all, I am facing difficulties answering these questions. Any sort of help will be appreciated as my exams are really close! 1) Butanoic acid (pKa = 4.83) has a partition coefficient of 5.4 (favouring benzene) when distributed between water and benzene. Find the concentration of butanoic...
  2. U

    Van der Waal Forces

    This is a bit urgent because i have a test tomorrow and have compleatly forgotten everything about Van der Waals. I’d like to know how you would tell if something is held together by van der waal forces, for example CO2? Basically any information that would make my understanding of Van der Waals...
  3. T

    Urgent: Everything is dying :(

    Hi my Name is Torvald and i am from Norway I have a hydroponic nft system running and all plants are showing signs of a magnesium deficiency. This was a high school project that i brought with me and wanted to continue in private. While in high school the lettuce never showed any sign of this...
  4. A

    urgent: help needed with analyzing a spectrum

    so for the course spectroscopic methods, we had to make a H-NMR, IR and UV-vis, and we got a COSY and a C-NMR the deadline is monday these are the spectra (sorry idk how to embed if it is possible to embed): IR: https://puu.sh/w0L7Q/1a7bd4d9f6.png H-NMR (+zooms)...
  5. S

    Urgent! Unexpected NMR signal

    I synthesized aspirin in the lab and ran an H-NMR test. My solvent was CDCl3. In the spectrum a doublet signal appears at 4.77,4.82 ppm. I have tried thinking about any byproducts that might have caused this signal and searched the web with countless search terms trying to find a reasonable...
  6. G

    URGENT: purification of azobenzene-modified polyacrylic acid

    Hello! I am an undergraduate chemistry student working on my Honors project, and I am in way over my head. I am extremely grateful for any suggestions. I have already spoken to grad students in my department, and now I am just super desperate and coming to the internet for help. I am...
  7. A

    URGENT: Lab Explanation!!!

    I just conducted a lab in which I am testing varying amounts of magnesium to react with a consistent amount of hydrochloric acid, determining which amount of magnesium produces a reaction whose enthalpy is the closest to the theoretical/ideal enthalpy of this equation. I created 3 conditions...
  8. verlynchin

    Urgent: Design of experiment (doe) help needed

    Currently I am working on synthesis of graphene. There are few factors that I need to test on. In order to reduce the time for my experiment, how am I going to use design of experiment in my research? Can someone help me?
  9. verlynchin

    Urgent!!! Preparation of graphite solution

    I AM HAVING PROBLEM IN PREPARATION OF GRAPHITE SOLUTION AFTER READ THE JOURNAL. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME? THE JOURNAL EXPERIMENTAL METHODS IS WROTE IN THIS WAY: Sodium cholate (NaC) was purchased from Sigma Aldrich and was dissolved in Millipore water at various concnetrations between 0.01 and...
  10. H

    Titration Lab Report... Please HELP!!! Urgent!!!

    In school we performed a titration lab. The objective was to test a few characteristics of weak acid / strong base titrations and buffer systems. It also was conducted to determine the pH at equivalence, to demonstrate buffer capacity, and to be introduced to the techniques necessary for...
  11. B

    need help - urgent

    How many primary alcohols, which 3.7g releases 560cm^3 H2 in reaction with Na, are there? I tried to find Mr, but I don't get the right result
  12. M

    Partial Pressure of Gases Question! URGENT PLEASE!?

    Hi! I am new to this forum so bear with me please :) I have this Inorganic A-Level Chemistry Question about Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure: A mixture of gases containing 70cm3 of propane, C3H8 and 50cm3 of propene, C3H6, were exploded with 3.0dm3 of air containing 21% oxygen, at a pressure...
  13. T

    help! urgent

    i REALLY need help filling in this table!
  14. I

    Carbohydrates & Lipids - urgent help!

    I take the subject, Biological Concepts. I missed a couple of lessons due to personal reasons where the class had to conduct a practical which I am unable to catch up on. I have an assignment based on the practical and I am at a complete loss here. My teacher gave me a 3 hour lesson squeezed...
  15. P

    Platinum Catalyst

    Here's the question I'm stuck on: Two moles of H2 gas and one mole of O2 gas are mixed at 25 C. Although the K for this reaction under these conditions is very large (1.3*10^83), nothing happens. When a piece of platinum is added, however, the gases react rapidly. Fully explain the role of...