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    Valence Electrons

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me to better understand electron configuration, specifically valence electrons. I've been on a couple other boards and the response I got was 'read your textbook'. The textbook isn't really explaining the concept at all, hence my search for an answer...
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    Help in Explanation of structure of hexaammini Ni +2 according to Valence bond theory

    NH3 is a strong ligand...and there remains 2 unpaired electrons in 3d orbital of Ni(+2)...then why doesnt back pairing occur to vacant one 3d orbital due to strong ligand and dsp3d(which doesnt exist) hybridisation occur????i know that it is just a case of outer orbital complex with strong...
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    Calculating Valence for Ions:

    Hello, I am working on a study guide for an exam in Inorganic Chem, and I am having a tough time trying to figure out how this question wants me to solve. I cannot figure out if it wants me to find the charge or the actual number of valence electrons in the ion. The question is as follows...