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    Calculating atmospheric SO2 with pH and K values given

    Hello, I am currently doing a take home exam and I'm completely stuck on a problem. I've been scouring the internet and my textbook for hours upon and and I'll be honest - I have no idea how to even attempt this problem. I was hoping someone could at least nudge me in the right direction or tell...
  2. G

    Integration values of NMR aren't integers

    I am looking at a proton NMR spectrum with three integration values, one of which is an integer and two of which are not. The non-integer values do not look very "friendly" - I have tried multiplying them by a guesswork to see if anything jumps out at me but nothing has worked. What methods do...
  3. M

    Ka values for these particular compounds

    Potassium Hydrogen Tartrate Potassium Hydrogen Pthlalate Potassium Hydrogen oxalate I need the Ka values for those 3 acids for my chem lab and nobody can find them
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    Generating Power given Calorific Values & Densities

    Hi, Q: Sludge gas is 70% methane with a calorific value of 22MJ/m^3. Work out how much oxygen is required as m^3 of air to generate a 100 MWh of power if the density of the sludge gas is 1.03kg/m^3 and the density of air 1.3kg/m^3 which is also 23% by weight oxygen. This is a practice question...