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    Vapour pressure of pure element

    Hello everybody! I am a new member in this forum! Now i have a problem in my thesis about vapour pressure of pure arsenic.:confused: Do you know about vapour pressure of pure arsenic P0 at temperature 1686K or how to calculate it? because i want to calculate partial pressure so i need to have...
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    Chemical Vapour Deposition of CO2 into Carbon Fibers

    Does anyone have any knowledge of this
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    Vapour Pressure and Partial Pressure Questions

    1) 10 g H2O is left in a closed-container with 5 L volume at 25oC. (dwater = 1 g/cm3) a) The liquid water is collected after one week. How much water is obtained? Solution: Vapour Pressure at 25C = 23.76 mmHg = 23.76/ 760 = 0.0313 atm number of moles of Water Vapour = PV / TR =...